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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Game localization : the role of translation in cross-cultural communicationTeo, Kah Hui
2014Gameplay socialization : meaning-making, player-computer and player-player interaction in digital gamesDavid Kirschner
2013Globalization and financial crisis : a dynamic approachGravier-Rymaszewska, Joanna
2017God in politics : Islamism and democracy in BangladeshIslam, Md Nazrul
2017The Gongfu 功夫 approach to Cheng 誠 and Ziran 自然 : a Confucian- Daoist complementarity perspectiveNord-Bronzyk, Alexa
2018A grammar of HyowMuhammad Zakaria
2015A grammar of PnarRing, Hiram
2016Guanxi influence system : understanding influence tactics from the perspective of GuanxiKoh, Eugenen Wenhui
2017Heterogeneous expectations and housing marketHuang, Zichun
2013The holocaust and interlocution between continuous and discontinuous history/time : cinematic responsibility after 9/11.Goh, Wee Kiat.
2018How balanced are you? Bilingualism and the development of attentional control in English-Mandarin preschool childrenChan, Clara Gek Hoon
2016How costly is financial constraint ?Ek, Chanbora
2010How development threshold drives capital flows : a cross-country studyDing, Ding
2005How well do total factor productivity explain the patterns of specialization of selected Asian economies?Teo, Eng Chong
2016Identical twins as doppelgangers: braddon's the trail of the serpent and collins's poor miss finchNg, Kai Xin
2004The image of Hakka women : evidence from society and folk talesLin, Wan Chi
2010Impact of Beijing Hukou on non-Beijinger talents working in Beijing.Sun, Peiyi.
2005Impact of deposit insurance on banking stability : a study of developed countries and economies with well-liberalized financial systemsLim, Wayne Sze Meng
2016The importance of social others in cultural identificationChew, Pony Yuen Ga
2018Include me in your Facebook : relationship awareness on Facebook influences romantic partners’ relationship satisfaction and perceived partner commitmentYang, Shanshan