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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Heterogeneous expectations and housing marketHuang, Zichun
2013The holocaust and interlocution between continuous and discontinuous history/time : cinematic responsibility after 9/11.Goh, Wee Kiat.
2018How balanced are you? Bilingualism and the development of attentional control in English-Mandarin preschool childrenChan, Clara Gek Hoon
2016How costly is financial constraint ?Ek, Chanbora
2010How development threshold drives capital flows : a cross-country studyDing, Ding
2005How well do total factor productivity explain the patterns of specialization of selected Asian economies?Teo, Eng Chong
2016Identical twins as doppelgangers: braddon's the trail of the serpent and collins's poor miss finchNg, Kai Xin
2004The image of Hakka women : evidence from society and folk talesLin, Wan Chi
2010Impact of Beijing Hukou on non-Beijinger talents working in Beijing.Sun, Peiyi.
2005Impact of deposit insurance on banking stability : a study of developed countries and economies with well-liberalized financial systemsLim, Wayne Sze Meng
2016The importance of social others in cultural identificationChew, Pony Yuen Ga
2018Include me in your Facebook : relationship awareness on Facebook influences romantic partners’ relationship satisfaction and perceived partner commitmentYang, Shanshan
2017Infants’ moral expectations about authority figuresZhang, Lijun
2015The influence of family capital on tertiary school students’ academic attainment and occupational aspiration : a comparative study in SingaporeBian, Shiyao
2017Influence of fear of failure and kiasuism on entrepreneurial intentionChua, Sheryl Hwee Chin
2018The influence of music experience on nonnative phonological perceptionLim, Samantha Jieying
2018The innovative academic : exploring the role of universities in the national system of innovation of SingaporeGayathri Haridas
2008Intellectual movements in modern China : comparisons between the May Fourth Revolution and the June Fourth IncidentLai, Ha Giang
2010Inter-group status and knowledge acquisitionCheong, Emil Shen-Li
2016The interactional dimension of repetitive behaviours by individuals with autismChen, Rachel Siew Yoong