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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Jose Saramago in a new key: on eloquence, formal beauty and reading fiction as art.Wang, Michelle Wanzheng.
2018"Kemunting : a journey" - Malay identity in pre- and post- independence SingaporeMuhammad Hidhir Md Razak
2014Lacan's three orders in Ursula K. Le Guin's earthsea seriesLim, Vera Jiahua
2017Lim Boon Keng : the musicalStella Kon @ Lim Sing Po
2018Linguistic sound symbolism and reading development : sound-shape matching and predictors of reading in multilingual SingaporeWoon, Fei Ting
2017Localization as multimodal-cultural translation : a comparative case studyPau, Chun Chun
2013Looking back : Shakespeare's indebtedness to Chaucer and the representations of Chivalry in King Richard II, The Two Noble Kinsmen, and The Knight's TaleHan, Cheryl Suling
2014Lyric poetry as secular prayerZhang, Jieqiang
2009Macroeconomic effects of oil price shocks in a small open economyZheng, Su
2016Magical realism and representations of the cold war in Southeast AsiaLye, Kit Ying
2010Mansfiled park adapted : Fanny Price from book to screenYang, Liu
2014Manufacturing competitiveness in East Asia : an empirical assessmentChan, Sarah Siaw Fume
2016The masculine malaise : neither the scorpion nor the frog, but be like water my FriendWu, Floyd Yixi
2017A matter of national (In)security: English language policy in SingaporeFoo, Amanda Limin
2013Measuring economic sustainability of nations : Singapore as case studyChew, Mona Poh Gek
2015Measuring parenting adaptability : development and preliminary validation of parenting adaptability description – preschoolSi, Yanci
2013A meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies of dyslexia in alphabetic words and chinese characters.Kwok, Fu Yu.
2016Mindfulness in kindergarteners : understanding the underlying attentional mechanismLim, Xinyi
2016A model of intonational phonology of Singapore MalayDiyana Hamzah
2005Modeling structural changes in simultaneous equation systemZhang, Yang