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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Queer Malay cinema? : kinships, nations, performances.Nurul Ain Yahya.
2012Reactive and proactive aggression in 13 to 15 year-old Singapore adolescents : differential psychosocial correlates, person-environment dynamics and adjustment outcomes.Kom, Dennis M Y.
2018Reading, writing, and re-writing : the black body in contemporary African-American literatureDjawoto, Olivia
2011Reaping the benefits of being sown apart : identities of intersection and diasporic future as a second chanceSaara Raasu
2017Recommendations for Chinese audio description guidelines through case-study analysisSim, Adeline
2017Reconceptualising literary translation in three acts : translingual narrative puzzles in Guo Xiaolu's novelsLim, Eunice Ying Ci
2014The redemptive spaces of storytelling in postcolonial literature.Lim, Rebecca Sim Ming.
2014Refining the picture story exercise : towards a better understanding of hope, fear, and the achievement motiveRamsay, Jonathan E.
2017Regarding the unseen : reading the offstage in Harold Pinter's early playsGoh, Qi Wei
2013Relationship beliefs about change and attachment on relationship persistence.Neo, Hwee Chin.
2017Requests for actions and their responses in caregiver-child interactions : a conversation analytic approachTse Crepaldi, Yvonne
2009Research on countermeasures of antidumping against ChinaPing, Shuai
2017Rethinking form in postcolonial literature : politics, aesthetics, and formal strategies of resistanceTan, Leah Jolene Mei Yee
2007Reunite for the sake of a harmonious world.Liew, Eng Leng.
2017Rewriting of Jin Ping Mei in English : eroticism or exoticismTan, Sin Ger
2012The rhetoric of space in early twentieth century women’s writing : writing places, making spaces in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and Jean Rhys’ Good Morning, MidnightFoo, Carissa Cai Li
2013The rhetoric of the unspoken voice in the interior monologue and its vocal transfiguration in James Joyce's UlyssesSameera Begum Mohamed Siddique
2015Ria, a novel and an exegesisNuraliah Norasid
2009Rise of China and its impact on Singapore's Chinese language policy and educationGoh, Eng Beng
2017The road to federalism : finding the middle ground in Nepal, Myanmar and Sri LankaBreen, Michael Gerard