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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Understanding face perception through the contributions of bottom-up and top-down processing : a psychophysical approachPan, Liu
2017The "visible" translator : challenges and limitations in musical translationChan, Candice Jing Harn
2018Wang Yangming’s conception of oneness : three modes of reasoning in instructions for practical livingChew, Sihao
2014The warring state of peaceFung, Bianca Wan TIng
2007Was China for real ? Sino-American misperceptions and the Vietnam war, 1965-1967Foo, Ee June
2017The waystation : a novelGeorge, Tissina
2014The westward spread of Zhouyi and the issue of its English nameMu, Xiao Feng
2018What makes it memorable : meaning, likability and reward associations on visual working memoryYong, Yvette Yan Ni
2017What remains amiss? Film bodies, traumatic experience and absence in the cinematic encounter with the essay filmChia, Justin Ian Soon Hann
2016What succeeds postmodern fiction? Milan Kundera’s ignorance, John Banville’s the sea, and Julian Barnes’ the sense of an endingCheong, Adel Xian Hui
2009Why increasing wages as a measure to combat corruption will not work?Lim, Joan May Ying
2017Women-identified approach in translating sweet caressHuang, Yi
2016Word play : a sociological study of Slam poetry in SingaporeKumar, Vinay
2018A world of hurt : representations of suffering in the "Silent Hill" franchiseOng, Sher Li
2016Yeats’s poetic theatre : cosmic laws in four plays for dancersGuan, Yuan Yuan
2008Youth violence in a collective society.Lim, Lena Hui Xiang.
2016「上承帝令,下佑群⽣」 新加坡朱、邢、李⼤⼈信仰 「神⼈关系」模式之研究 = The study of divinity models of the cult of Zhu, Xing & Li royal lords in Singapore林科宏 Lim, Ke Hong
2010东北黑土区水土流失的经济分析与政策改进 = Economic analysis and policy improvement on soil erosion in the mollisols region of Northeast刘国民 Liu, Guo Min; 袁强 Yuan, Qiang; 张国军 Zhang, Guo Jun
2018东巴、达巴口头传统研究 = A study of Dongba and Daba oral traditions许多多 Xu, Duoduo
2011中华传统宗教信仰在东南亚的蜕变:新加坡的道教和佛教研究 = Transformation of traditional Chinese religious beliefs in South-East Asian society : a case study of Taoism and Buddhism in Singapore许原泰 Hue Guan Thye