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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Translating decoration and symbolism of Chinese architectural works in tourism texts : a case study of Nan Hai Ming Zhu Tian Fu Gong (Pearl of the South Seas——Thian Hock Keng)Koh, Qiumei
2019Translating local science fiction as social critique : a case study of Auspicium Melioris AeviLee, Ying Jing
2019Translating news on cross-strait relations : a case study of journalistic translation based on selected news from the New York TimesLi, Jiayi
2021Translating promotional text in light of the skopos theory : using transcreation to duplicate similar reader responseLim, Hui Ling
2019Translating sarcastic political tweets for radio broadcast : challenges and strategiesGoh, Joo Leng
2019Translating Singaporean folktales and legends for moral education : a case study of selected short stories from Asian favourite storiesLim, Jing Xian
2019Translating the cultural and socio-political dimensions of Huaxiaosheng (Chinese-educated Singaporeans) : a case study of Youli FenziHo, Danyuan
2018Translation challenges in the localisation of multilingual websites : a double case studyLi, Weiyi
2018Translation of a Singapore politician’s commentaries from Chinese to English : considerations and guidelinesLee, Siang Hwee
2019Translation of Chinese American literature based on translator’s subjectivity : a case study of The Bonesetter’s DaughterKhaw, Vivian Rui Fang
2018The translation of community terms in Singaporean Chinese : a study based on the translations of Queyue Fanyou Zongshi Yu and Chang Duan Hechun YuanKoh, Yeow Chua
2018Translation of cultural references in Singapore Chinese literature : a case study of Cong Qige dao YigeYuen, Kum Cheong
2018Translation of culture-specific items : a case study of local museum gallery textsKho, Wee Kar
2018Translation of culture-specific items in foreign publicity texts : a case study of a bite of China II episode 1 & 2Huang, Jingjing
2018Translation strategies for animal documentaries : an audience’s perspectiveHe, Shan
2021Translation strategies for game localization in relation to China's censorship mechanismPay, Sherlyn Pei Jie
2020Translation strategies for video game literature : a case study of the authorized novelization for Assassin’s CreedYu, Tong
2020Translation, rewriting and reconstruction of image in Lee Kuan Yew : Hard Truths to Keep Singapore GoingChia, Wai Chun
2018Translation-based discourse analysis : a case study of the fourth communiqué on law-based governance by the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of ChinaLian, Hai Guang
2018The translator’s subjectivity in disseminating Chinese culture : a case study on the English translations of Cha JingZheng, Han