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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A critical analysis of the translation of white tiger within the framework of manipulation theoryLiu, Minxuan
2019Cultural citizenship practices in transnational social spaces : Chinese migrant academics in Japan since 1978Jia, Yonghui
2019Developing a bilingual Chinese-English textbook as a parents' guide for education purposeChong, Wee Tit
2019Developing and applying an integrated semantic framework for natural language understandingLe, Tuan Anh
2019Do you read what I read? A message-oriented approach to translating science fiction : a case study of TerminusWang, Zhaoyu
2018Domestication and foreignization : a systematic review of the strategies used for a memoir translationWu, Zeyuan
2019Dynamic equivalence to English translation of retroflex suffixation words in Beijing dialect : a case study of Lao She’s Luotuo XiangziFeng, Yajun
2019The effect of biculturalism on executive functionsXie, Wenhan
2017EKE : a collection of poemsNurul Wahidah Mohd Tambee
2018Emotions in Adonara-LamaholotElvis Albertus Toni
2021An empirical study on audience perception of interlingual subtitles in stand-up comedy showsLee, Shan Qi
2018An empirical study on the effectiveness of translation in the practice of second language essay writing by secondary school students in SingaporeChow, Shona Qianwei
2020Ethics without principles in Lao-Zhuang DaoismBender, Jacob David
2021Europeans behaving badly : European 'misbehaviour' in colonial Singapore c. 1890-1940Lim, Denise Zhi Qing
2019Evaluation of political neutrality through domestication and foreignization : comparison of Chinese and English editions of alias Chin Peng : my side of history by Chin PengChe, Jian
2019Evaluation of popular science translation : a case study on the Universe in a NutshellHuang, Qingling
2021Explore translation strategies for Chinese culture-loaded words based on 阿拉伯地理典籍中的中国(China in the Eyes of Arabic Geographic Works)Gao, Hulong
2018Exploring the translator’s identity : a case study of Lu Xun’s translation of Xiandai Riben XiaoshuojiTeo, Wee Boon
2021Exploring translation strategies for Chinese dialogue and buzzwords based on 星星上的花(The Flower on the Stars)Wan, Wenyi
2019The features and functions of translated online tourism texts : the Singapore caseLiu, Yungang