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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Banking, business and race : the Kwong Yik Bank in colonial Singapore and the Malay StatesGoh, Jeremy
2020Beyond the text --a study of the translation of cultural-loaded words in The Book of Changes : a case analysis of Idioms and line statementsRen, Hongyu
2020The broken bodies of language and history in Vyvyane Loh’s breaking the tongueLui, Karen Jia Yi
2019Building an HPSG Chinese grammar (Zhong)Fan, Zhenzhen
2018Canonization of translated children’s literature : using bronze and sunflower as an exampleYeo, Shermaine Dawn Jia Ying
2020A case study in translation challenges and considerations in branding and marketingNg, Puay Khoon
2019A case study of Bronze and Sunflower from the perspective of translation-oriented text analysis modelWang, Meng
2020A case study of human and machine translation of chapter 1 of 12 rules for lifeFu, Damien Bing Ye
2019A case study of translating Hong Kong police-and-thief film reviews from Chinese to EnglishFoo, Gwendolynn May Yee
2020Chinese culture “Going Out” through translating Chinese culinary culture : a bite of China Ⅱ, a case studyHuang, Siqi
2019Chinese translation in the tax field : a case study on application of theories in practiceTan, Li Ming
2020A cinematic reconsideration of Malay identity through a slice of Hikayat film cultureMuhammad Zhafri Abdul Rahman
2019Clinical communication training in medical education : a conversation analytic approachNg, Gim Thia
2019A comparative analysis of English-Chinese dubbing approaches used in animated films : Coco as a case studyChee, Vanessa Shui Mei
2018A comparative study of problem-solving in English-to-Chinese sight translationCheah, Fong Yee
2019A comparative study on metaphor translation in Camel Xiangzi by human translation and machine translationGou, Si
2019A comparison of Google translate and Youdao translation : a case study of sentences Selected from Financial TimesZhang, Xue Qing
2018The concept of Tong in early ChinaHe, Fan
2019Conceptualising health from an Abui perspectiveChan, Wan Ting
2020Conflict and communication in audio-visual advertisement translation : Dolce and Gabbana’s experience in ChinaKoh, Zack Johnson