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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Hegemony in rewriting : a case of Chotmai Chak Muang Thai and its translated work from the modern perspectiveFernandez, Priscilla Crystal
2019Hemispheric lateralization in visual word processing : evidence from ERPLau, Fun
2019The hidden miraculous : an esoteric reading of yeats', Rilke's and Gore-booth's poetryChen, Zoea Tania Jinyan
2019How to learn Chinese characters? Exploring the effectiveness of different learning methods in young Singaporean childrenToh, Wendy Hwee Bin
2020How translation and interpretation affects global politics : a functionalist approachLim, Vivienne Ming-Yi
2019The human right to health & its intersection with multiculturalismMuyskens, Kathryn Lynn
2019Ideological and poetological tensions : inventing modern Chinese poetry through British Romanticism, 1917-1933Yan, Hanjin
2018An Indonesian resource grammar (INDRA) : and its application to a treebank (JATI)Moeljadi, David
2018Interlanguage theory and colloquial Singapore English : the role of translation for L1 English - L2 Chinese learnersMartin Reed
2018Intimate connections : an agent-based model of the relationship between social network structure and language typologyLou-Magnuson, Matthew Elliot
2020Introducing Singapore’s kampong life through translation : a case study of Papa as a Little Boy Named Ah KhoonLoh, XiaoJuan
2018The involvement of interpreters in psycho-counseling : attitudes of and evaluation by Chinese international studentsZhang, Huanming
2020Joachim Bouvet’s interpretation of Zhouyi and his mathematical model : research on Joachim Bouvet’s Chinese manuscripts of Yijing in the Apostolic Vatican Library collectionMu, Xiaofeng
2019"Jokes are the hardest thing to translate": parodying history and nationhood in contemporary Southeast Asian NovelsKarunungan, Patricia
2019Joseph Conrad and the remembrance of things past : remembering, writing, and narrativeYao, Xiaoling
2021Legal translation and ISO standards : a case studySee, Tingting
2021Levels in post-editing illustrated with popular science genreLoke, Jia Li
2021Lifting the fog surrounding the Christian God : translation of The Ology by Marty MachowskiYeo, Hui Lin
2019Listen to what the body says : a new model of unnatural narratologyKang Mengni
2019Localization of feminist translation in China : a case study of Lin Yutang’s translation of Fu Sheng Liu JiChen, Zhuo