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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Manipulation of subtitles on social media : a case study of mannerSak, Hui Er
2020Maoist moments : local actors, global history, 1960s~1970sYan, Bo
2019Moral predicaments in Hollywood cinema : a qualitative study of Singaporean audiencesWong, Susan Yoke Chee
2019Multilingualism and language shift in Northeastern Thailand : the Bru in Woen BuekTomioka, Yutaka
2020Musicologist as translator : a case study on “The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven”Huang, Clement Hanlei
2020Narratives speak : storytelling, witnessing, and literary trauma studiesOng, Nicole Sihui
2020Norms, challenges and solutions in diplomatic interpreting : a case study of two speeches by Kishore MahbubaniDeng, Yuchan
2020Objects and madness in Eugene O'Neill's dramaNur Shereen Mohamed Rafi
2019On the Chinese translation of I, Amber Brown : a case study of translating children’s literatureShinonuma, Catherine Tomomi
2018Positioning video game localisation as an elective course : a double case study of Persona 5 and Minion RushNeo, Esther Wan Xin
2021Post-editing neural machine translation output of wealth management text : challenges and the way forwardChan, Elaine Choon Ling
2019Private fantasies and public intellectuals : the campus novel and its various publicsTang, Aaron Wei Yao
2019A prodigal son : hiding from globalism in little IndiasJoseph, Gautam
2020The pursuit of pure language : a case study on Liu Cixin’s The Wandering EarthYi, Xiaohan
2019A quantitative study of the effect of the translator’s cultural identity on the Chinese-English translation of Singaporean cultural referencesBai, Kelei
2019The Raffles Museum, Singapore, 1823-1960 : performativities of British colonial ruleAng, Eiselt Chin Siew
2020Rebellious daughters, sisters and wives : non-conforming women in South Asian diaspora fictionKaur, Balvinder
2021Recognising the homely in an unheimlich world : rationality and the uncanny ecosphereLingesh, Dhanya
2021Red earth : a collection of poetry & a critical exegesisVincent, Esther Xueming
2021Register analysis : an approach to translating styleLam, Celceni