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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Writing Hong Kong Sinophonicity : history, gender and ethnicity in Hong Kong fictionLong, Chao
2020Writing towards absence with Herzog, Barthes and CalvinoPang, Jeannette Ru Yan
2021Xi Nan Lian Da Xing Si Lu : on the translation of aesthetic objects from the perspective of functional equivalenceZhao, Meiheng
2020中晚唐詩歌“學問化”研究 :從類書與“類”的觀念切入= The “erudite” tendency in Middle and Late Tang poetry (760s-870s CE) : from the perspectives of category-books (Leishu) and the concept of "category"王治田 Wang, Zhitian
2020全球传播之窗 :中国中央电视台中文国际频道和华人华侨关系研究 = Window to the world : the Chinese International Channel of China Central Television and it relations with Chinese diaspora汤妮 Tang Ni
2020北京口语三个参与者事件结构 :基于信息结构的研究 = The structures expressing three-participant events in Beijing spoken language : an information-structure-based study齐菲 Qi, Fei
2019“双城” 新加坡与香港 : “一带一路”的策略及其反应 = “Twin Cities” Singapore and Hong Kong : belt road initiative strategies and responsesTham, Kok Yung
2020唐传奇中的女性复仇者刍议 = A preliminary study on the female revengers in Tang Dynasty Tales戴倩倩 Dai, Qianqian
2018意象、工具、平台 :科技与现代汉诗 = Imageries, devices, platforms : technology and modern Chinese poetry周 昊 Zhou, Hao
2018放映抵抗 :新加坡影片中的酷儿化战术 = Screening resistance : queering as a tactic in Singapore films刘思娴 Lau, Si Xian
2018文圖學視角下的賴馬繪本研究 = A study of Laima’s picture books through the perspective of text and image studies莫忠明 Bok Zhong Ming
2019新加坡华语电视剧华人形象研究 = A study of ethnic Chinese images in Singapore Chinese television dramaXiang, Zhili
2021新加坡和 “一带一路” :国家与社会的视角和策略 = Singapore and the belt and road initiative : perspectives and strategies from the state and society范昕 Fan, Xin
2018民国电影检查的主题与问题1932-1937 :以辱华、左翼、肉感为重点 = Issues and problems of film censorship in Republican China (1932-1937) : with a focus on Insulting Chinese, the left wing and sensuality王晓亚 Wang, Xiaoya
2018温庭筠小说集《乾馔子》研究 = Study on Wen Tingyun's short story collection : Gan Zhuan Zi洪媛 Hong, Yuan
2020當代中國詩人離散詩歌研究 (1980-2020) = A study on contemporary Chinese poets and their diasporic poetry (1980-2020)盧筱雯 Lu Siao Wun
2019离散、家国、女性 : 韩素音的中国性论述 = Diaspora, home, feminism : the Chinese-ness in Han Suyin’s works梁依婷 Neo, Yi Ting
2019离散的诱惑 : 马华作家韦晕的离散书写 = The lure of diaspora : a critical study of Malaysian Chinese writer Wei Yun's diasporic writingsLee, Wan Rong
 2020美国亚洲基金会对自由世界的文化宣传 : 以马来亚文化事业有限公司出版的新马华文教科书为例 (1959-1965) = The Asia Foundation’s cultural propaganda on free world : a case study of the Chinese textbook published by Malaya Press in Singapore and Malaya (1959-1965)黄玉君 Wong, Yoke Kuan
2020超越 “画意” : 美术摄影中的媒介、认同与现代性(1912-1937) = Beyond pictorialism : media, Identity and Modernity in Art Photography (1912-1937)=孔令俐 Kong, Lingli