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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Archival of government electronic informationTan, Stephen Tiong Soon.
1999Computerisation of the Singapore courts and its impact on the legal professionRanganathan Kalpana
1999Evaluation of the music collection at the National Institute of Education LibraryYu, Bee Lian.
1998Evaluation of three library automation systems : horizon, DRA and V-LibChua, Seow Kie.
1997Information services for the visually handicapped : a study of user needs and library services in SingaporeNg, Kirsten Eng Hong.
1999Library jargon : client understanding of technical language used by librarians in reference interviewsYeo, Meng Choo.
1999Management of electronic journals in librariesWang, Zhi Hong.
1999Outsourcing services in the electronic environment : review of relevant web sites to study book vendor capabilitiesNazimah Syed Mohamed
2008Profiling the reading habits of Generation-X adults in Singapore.Low, Gladys Wei San.
1998Review of english and mathematics software recommended for Singapore schoolsChee, Poh Eng.
2005Strategic intents of HR outsourcing : a case study of a semiconductor company in SingaporeAng, Yong Han
1999Study of disaster preparedness in Singapore libraries/information centresLoh, Kim Chuan.
1998Study of the role change of paraprofessional staff in librariesChow, Wun Han.
1999Study on managing records in financial institutions with special reference to ABN AMRO Bank N.VWong, San See.
2009Using a general classification scheme and domain thesauri to build an organizational taxonomy for supporting navigation.Wang, Zhonghong.