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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A 0-1 MINLP approach for solving the air cargo loading problemLi, Liqun
20020.13-micron CMOS device characterizationLazuardi, Stephen
20040.18 um DRAM product electrical failure analysis for prediction of physical defectsTej Bahadur Megh Raj.
20161,3,2-diazaphospholene-catalysed reduction of unsaturated bondsChong, Che Chang
20121- and 2-dimensional plasmonic nanostructures : design, fabrication and characterizationKang, Husen Kartasasmita
2017$100 a month or $1,200 a year : regulatory focus and the evaluation of temporally framed product attributesBasu, Shankha
199716 to 18 year old students' errors and misconceptions in learning probabilityChan, Wai Soen.
2020The 1979 Sino-Vietnamese war and Deng Xiaoping's ChinaTan, Kirk Benjamin
20181980年代后中国外国文学的翻译与出版 :以“译林出版社”为例 = Translation and publication of foreign literature after 1980s in China : a case study on "yilin press"尚晓萌 Shang, Xiaomeng
20011997-2000 年河北省农民收入增长趋缓的相关因素分析 = An analysis on factors of farmers' income in Hebei during 1997-2000毛宇山 Mao, Yushan
20181D fiber/yarn supercapacitors for wearable energy storageZhai, Shengli
20102-AZA-[3,3]-Sigmatropic rearrangement and AZA-PRINS cyclization and their applications in total synthesis of (-)-indolizidine-209B and (-)-perhydrohistrionicotoxinCheng, Hin Soon
2006A 2.45GHz CMOS PA+T/R switch for wireless communicationHu, Changhui
20152.5D and 3D I/O designs for energy-efficient memory-logic integration towards thousand-core on-chipSai Manoj Pudukotai Dinakarrao
20092002 Gujarat : a laboratory of institutionalized riotsVinay Kumar Pathak
2004The 2003 California recall election : an analysis of news framing and the celebrity.Seah, Lucinda Kar Hui.
2016A 29pJ/b FSK transmitter for wireless body area network applicationLi, Yilie
20172D and 3D image analysis and its application to Sky/Cloud imagingDev, Soumyabrata
20022D cracks analysis with symmetric Galerkin boundary element methodXu, Kai
20052D gel image processing and analysis for proteomicsDiao, Xiaoning