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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20192D materials with enhanced thermoelectric (TE) propertiesShiau, Li Lynn
20162D nonlinear hydrodynamic model for support platforms of offshore floating wind turbinesWang, Lixian
20052D object segmentation and matching using B-spline modelWang, Yue
20182D stickman mapping of human physical movements using IMU (sports technology)Zhang, Chengjie
20132D/3D biometric and biomedical image matching using line constraintsLi, Fang
20102D/3D staircase detection and localizationWang, Sisong
20193-D direct printing of silicone meniscus using a novel heat-curing extrusion based silicone printerLuis Adiwati, Guntur Eric
1997A 3-D graphics engine for rendering polygonal objectsBurak, Alp
20043-D human face modeling for dynamic facial expression synthesisZhang, Yu.
20043-D human face modeling for dynamic facial expression synthesisZhang, Yu.
20213-D printing of a metal material on another dissimilar metal baseZhou, Xiaoyue
20023-dimensional crack-inhomogeneity interaction : study of effect on stress intensity factor at crack tip due to presence of inclusionsNandakumar B. Nair
20203-dimensional electrode structure for enhanced electrochemical performance of in-plane microsupercapacitorsWang, Jing Yuan
20003-dimensional free-form object surface representation and its recognition using range imagesSun, Zehang.
20203-way respiratory sound classification using machine learning algorithmsTu, Yixuan
201332-bit adders using adiabatic switching for low power IC designJoseph, Dhannya Mary
20103D algorithmic analysis of organ movement during non invasive surgerySundararajan, Sree Vaishnavi.
20123D anatomical modeling of the in vitro fertilization procedure and embryogenesis for medical educationNyein, Chan Lwin
20093D animation and crowd modelingLi, Ying.
20163D audio reproduction : natural augmented reality headset and next generation entertainment system using wave field synthesisRanjan, Rishabh