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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Fuzzy reinforcement learning and its applications to mobile robot navigationDeng, Chang
1993Fuzzy theory applications in internal analysisXu, Xiao Xia.
2002Fuzzy, evolutionary approaches to image segmentationHe, Hao.
2004Fuzzy-neuro congestion control schemes in ATM networksSun, Yue.
2018G-quadruplex recognition by the yeast telomere binding protein Rap1Traczyk, Anna
2005GA based hybrid tier packing approach for three dimensional packingPoh, Terence Eng Hua
2001Ga-fuzzy system for financial forecastingLim, Peng Tatt.
2006GaAs/AlGaAs (111)A-based and InGaAsP based quantum well infrared photodetectorsLi, Hui
2011Gain design and verification of autopilot control loops for UVAsHuang, Qian.
2016Gain development and evaluation of a trajectory / path control design using nonlinear dynamic inversion = Verstarkungsauslegung und evaluation eines trajektorien- / pfadregelungsansatzes basierend auf ein-ausgangs-linearisierungBharathkumar, Balaji
2007Gaining a religion : how compatible is democracy and political Islam?Tan, Felix Thiam Kim.
1998Gains self-tuning of a large compliance system by combining artificial neural networks and genetic algorithmsYuan, Yuan.
2012Gait locomotion generation and leg muscle evaluation for overground walking rehabilitation robotsWang, Ping
2012Gallium nitride based optoelectronic devices on silicon-on-insulator substratesLin, Kaixin
2018Game assessment tool of IP theftJia, Xiaofan
2017Game localization : the role of translation in cross-cultural communicationTeo, Kah Hui
2020Game theoretic sponsored content management in mobile data marketXiong, Zehui
2015Game theory based algorithms for community detectionRadhika Arava
1998Game tree search on a massively parallel SIMD machine : an algorithmic study with computer chessHe, Shaojun.
2013Game-theoretic modeling for resource allocation in relay-based wireless networksLi, Yifan