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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Abacus CRS.Chan, Eng Guan.; Lu, Cheng Nee.
1995ABC Publishing Co. Ltd. : a case study of a company in the process of change.Chan, Ying Lock.
2018Abe Shinzo : a thwarted revisionist?Loi, Chin Wee
2019Abnormal user detection using rule-based machine learningZhang, Jiawei
1997Abrasive waterjet cutting technologyChua, Albert Kee Sew.
1996Absorbing material boundary for the TLM method of electromagnetic field simulationQu, Pingyu.
2004Absorption and clouds losses for Ku-and Ka-band satellite communication linksVelayutham Renganathan
2020Absorptive frequency-selective structures and their applications in antenna systems of low radar cross sectionHuang, Hao
2016Abui PhonologyBenidiktus Delpada
2007AC-AC matrix converter based wind power generation schemeThiagarajan Senthil Kumar.
2013AC/DC battery converter for V2G vehiclesLi, Sishi.
2008Academic course management system evaluation using data mining techniques.Kuan, Sung.
2002Academic integration and the media resource library : a case study of the Jurong Institute.Chua, Chiew Yong.
2000Accelerated electron beam curable resin systems for microelectronics applicationChia, Ngeow Khing.
2004Accelerated start-up and granulation in polymer-enhanced UASB bioreactors treating industrial food-processing wastewaterFoong, Shiu Feng.
2007Accelerating development of enterprise and employee through performance appraisalGao, Liming
2020Accelerating homomorphic encryption for privacy-preserving applicationsHo, Truong Phu Truan
2009Accelerating the interior point method on a FPGAKoh, Christopher Seng Lee
2017Accelerator of convolution neural networks based on FPGAYu, Guohao
2018Accelerometer based motion activity recognitionGuo, Kaitong