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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001B2C in Singapore : barriers to success.Lee, Huey Shin.
2017Background rejection techniques for automated spike detection in diagnosis of epilepsySalem Chandrasekaran Harihara Subramaniam
2006Backscattering phenomena on range-gated imaging in short-range turbid water mediaTan, Ching Seong
2005Backward management - a reverse logistics case study in the media industryLim, Lye Seng.
2018Backward-compatible high dynamic range imaging : acquisition, display and compressionWei, Zhe
2021Baconian : a unified model-based reinforcement learning libraryDong, Linsen
2019Bacteria-mediated anti-cancer therapyBhave, Madhura Satish
2020Bacterial cellulose : from culturing to the development of functional materialsSundaravadanam Vishnu Vadanan
2017Bacterial synthesis of nanocatalyst and biofilm-templated nanocatalytic system for water purificationNg, Chun Kiat
2010Bacteriorhodopsin-based assemblies and their enhanced photoelectric and bioelectric propertiesLi, Rui
2018Bad touch theme park and other stories : a collection of short stories and an exegesisNurulhuda Mohammed Arslan
2008Baha'i community of Singapore as a learning organization.Foo, Check Woo.
2001A balanced scorecard approach for wafer fab start-up.Lye, Irene.; Manas Banjan Mati.; Yeo, Sock Khim.
2017Balancing and bandwagoning : explaining shifts in Sri Lankan foreign policyRajni Nayanthara Gamage
2009Ball-nose end mill cutting mechanics and influence on surface qualityTijo, Jose Thomas Thayil.
2018Ballistic and thermomechanical characterisation of hybrid rocket fuelsMd. Zishan Akhter
2019Band engineering in rare earth nickelates : physics and applicationsChang, Lei
2011Band selectable low-noise amplifier design for flexible wireless receiver front-endsChiu, Chun Chi
2007Band structures and optical properties of InGaNAs quantum wellsNg, Say Tyam
2004Bandwidth extension of narrowband speechPanchaksharam Manivizhi