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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016c-di-GMP distribution across single and mixed species biofilmsHarikrishnan A. S. Nair
2011Ca3Co4O9 thermoelectric thin films by pulsed laser depositionSun, Ting
2003Cable and Wireless exchangeable bond.Kleinelanghorst, Martin.; Yap, Jun Teck.; Zou, Zheng.
2002Cache allocation and caching policy for active reliable multicastLok, Kek Wee.
2003CAD environment & cost estimationEluri Srinivasareddy
2000CAD software package for noise reduction in MCM layout designKhoo, Nai Chuan.
2005CAD-CAE integration for injection molding processVinit Ashok Wagle
1995CAD/CAM parametric modelling of drinking-bottleLye, Sau Lin.
2009Cadaveric study on strain behavior of human rotator cuff tendons : intact and tearLiang, Hui.
2014Cadmium-free buffer layer for electrochemically deposited chalcopyrite solar cellSun, Juan
2011Calcium ionophores induce transcriptional changes in erythrocytic stages of human malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum.Sabna Cheemadan
1996Calculation and measurement of vibrational power flow in beam structureHong, Yiren.
2016Calibration and accuracy improvement of miniaturized optical system for in-situ roughness measurementFu, Shaowei
2011Calibration and testing of a mechatronic positioning jig for g-induced loss of consciousnessAnitha, Krishnasamy
2004Calibration methodology for predictive simulation of sub-0.13 technology CMOS device's performanceLeong, Vincent Kum Woh.
2001Call centre concepts in libraries : with emphasis on National Library Board, Singapore.Chua, Jeanne Jia Hui.
2012Calling for the Singapore business fable : championing an alternative form of leadership.Lim, Thomas Kok Kim.
1998Cam design and numeric control machining package for Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) LtdHo, Teng Wee.
2005Cambodia and East Timor crises : revisiting and reassessing the "Asean way".Lim, Soo Chin.
1996Cambodia as an emerging economy in the Indochina Region.Soh, Szu Wei.; Yap, Soo San.