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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999H [infinity] controller synthesis for sampled-data systems and nonlinear systemsYu, Qi.
2003H2 and H(infinity) optimal design of multirate filter bank systemsZhou, Huan.
1999H8 filtering and control of 2-D systemsDu, Chunling
2015Hadoop job scheduling with dynamic task splittingXu, Yongliang
2003Hand powered generator for low power applicationsKho, Anderson Ngap Chai.
2019Handheld photoacoustic imaging and sensing for 3D medical visualizationLiu, Siyu
2007Handheld platform for lab-on-chip surface tension measurementMecheri Sathyanarayanan Ashwin.
2002Handoff issues in supporting mobile computerTan, Eng Hing.
2015Handwriting recognition and retrieval for chemical structural formulasTang, Peng
1997Handwriting recognition using high performance computing platformsChan, Khue Hiang.
2011Haptic-based interaction and game developmentGuan, Hancong
2013Hard yet tough nc-CrAlN/a-SiNx nanocomposite coatingsWang, Yuxi
2004Hardcore, minority influence : a pivotal force to reverse the spiral of silence process dynamically.Lang, Juan.
2015A hardware accelerated object recognition system using event-based image sensorDing, Ruoxi
2017Hardware acceleration of neural networks with CMOS and post-CMOS devicesGovind Narasimman
2002Hardware architecture for perceptual watermarking and data concealment in audio signalsRobertus Wahendro Ali.
2000Hardware architecture for real-time crossbar switching using genetic algorithm approachDing, Sheng Hua
2018Hardware efficient algorithms and architectures for burst communications in cognitive radiosSyed Naveen Altaf Ahmed
2016Hardware friendly algorithm development for real time video analysis system for security monitoringChandrasekaran Samyukta
2016Hardware implementation of cascaded H-bridge invertersPerna, Bhugra