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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017I can't stand losing you : examining the impact of affiliation motivation on political knowledge of Facebook usersDasgupta, Priyanka
2015I. Michael additions to 1-bromo-1-nitroalkenes ; II. N-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed oxidative esterification of aldehydesGe, Xin
1999I/O buffer model development from IBIS and IMIC for simulation in SPICEWang, Ying.
1997An I/O interface for accessing fault data on the trainsTan, Boon Kiat.
2016IBEACON based mobile marketing system for shopping mallZhang, Tianli
2014iBeacon indoor location algorithm study on iPhone platformLu, Qiao
2016Ice formation on micropillar patterned surfaces and freezing of nanofluid dropletsZhao, Yugang
2010ICP-based solution to range-only simultaneous localization and mapping problemGuo, Guibing.
2005ICT and network marketing in the information era.Lu, Yi Qiu.
2018ICTs for employability and empowerment : an analytical framework for addressing the digital divide in urban livelihoodsLoh, Yvonne Ai-Chi
2005IDDQ testing for deep sub-micron SOCYe, Xiaocheng.
2016The iDEA architecture-focused FPGA soft processorCheah, Hui Yan
2002IDEF modeling of PCB assembly processXu, Kun.
2002IDEF modeling of the mold-making processYang, Hao Jiong
2004IDEF* modeling of a post-assembly IC (Integrated Circuit) manufacturing processSim, Alvin Chin Beng.
2001IDEF* modeling of an IC assembly processCui, Xiaodong
2016Identical twins as doppelgangers: braddon's the trail of the serpent and collins's poor miss finchNg, Kai Xin
2007Identification and analysis of key factors affecting performance of PEM fuel cellLia Maisarah Umar
2016Identification and characterisation of novel human dendritic cell progenitorsSee, Peter Chi Ee
2007Identification and characterisation of tetratricopeptide repeat protein 9Cao, Shenglan