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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Jacked pipes as retaining wall in underpass constructionJaysankar, R.
2019Janus particles with large wetting contrast for self-assembly applicationsTan, Jasmine Si Jia
2000Japan as a normal state: relying on the collective defence approach.Singh, Bhubhindar.
2004Japanese anti-piracy initiatives in Southeast Asia : policy formulation and the coastal state responses.Bradford, F. John.
2003Japanese contractor's approaches in managing design and build contract in SingaporeToh, Boo Hor.
2004Java implementation of gate location determination for injection moldingWu, Chuanhong.
2002Java-based object-oriented parallel finite element analysisBuntono
1999JBSP : a BSP programming library in JavaGu, Yan.
2004JDF-based computer integrated printing manufacturing : system integration, process automation and customer service enhancementLi, Ping.
2014Jet-flipping phenomenon in local scour below a sluice gateXie, Chen
2020Jetting from cavitation bubbles in viscous and confined liquidsZeng, Qingyun
2013Jewerly retail management system developmentSun, Xin
2012Jihad ideas of 'Abd Allah' Azzam and their implications for national securityMuhammad Haniff Hassan
1996JIT manufacturing : a case studyGhim, Boey Cheng; Foo, Shar Kee; Tan, Cheng Teck
2020Joachim Bouvet’s interpretation of Zhouyi and his mathematical model : research on Joachim Bouvet’s Chinese manuscripts of Yijing in the Apostolic Vatican Library collectionMu, Xiaofeng
2020The job dispatch control policy for production lines with overlapped time window constraints and constant processing timesHu, Wei
2000Job satisfaction of employees in the life insurance industryPhua, David Soon Keng.
2001Job satisfaction of reference staff in the national library board.Pwee, Kok Ann.
2002Job satisfaction of television production workers in Singapore.Tan, Carol Hsiao Yen.
2003Job scheduling of batch furnace processing in semiconductor wafer fab using simulation approachSubramanian Harhara Subramanian.