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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The [M(NHC)] (M=Pd, Pt) fragment in the synthesis of heteronuclear clustersLiu, Yu
2007M-BTEA : the modified version of block teaSo, Lih Weon.
2002M-commerce : a Java approachArchana Khetan
2012M13 bacteriophage/single-walled carbon nanotube interactions for chirality selection and multifunctional materialsYu, Ting
2009MacGREGOR Plimsoll (TianJin) Co Ltd a case study on the cultural implications of a foreign anufacturing plant in TianJin, ChinaAdina Widodo; Ang, Elizabeth Jennifer; Lam, Darren Yen Chong; Sirirat Kiatkasemsan
1996Machinability of metal matrix compositesZhong, Chonghua.
2005Machine compatible script for fast text entry of text using handwritingMa, Yang
2018Machine learning approach for non-invasive detection of blood glucose concentration using microwave sensorRakesh Reddy, Yeddula Nagabhushigari
2018Machine learning based Android malware detectionHuang, Hanlin
2020Machine learning based audio event recognitionLu, Yujing
2019Machine learning based automated evaluation of piping designTan, Wei Chian
2017Machine learning based data analytics for IoT devicesXu, Hang
2020Machine learning circuit design for processing neural networks in image sensorNabeel Najeeb Kassim
2018Machine learning for human comfort evaluation of HVAC systemNi, Zhuren
2018Machine learning for indoor positioning based on received signal strengthFelis Dwiyasa
2007Machine learning in customer-driven product configuration based on lifecycle metricsHuang, Youliang
2018A machine learning method for pedestrian detectionWang, Yi
2018Machine learning methods for diagnosis of epilepsy from EEGRoshini, Koppala
2017Machine learning methods for predicting cancer drug effects from signaling and cell fate dataMishra Shital Kumar
2013Machine learning methods to analyze subliminal priming ERPWu, Zuobin