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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001N- step ahead prediction using artificial neural networksSaravanan Solaiappan.
2018N-hetereocyclic carbenes-catalyzed desymmetrization and rapid access to spirocylic moleculesZhuo, Shitian
2013N-Heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed activation of esters for asymmetric reactionsHao, Lin
2018N-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed single-electron-transfer radical processes for reductive coupling reactionsWang, Yuhuang
2011.N-heterocyclic carbenes as organocatalysts for cycloaddition reactions.Yang, Limin
2016N-heterocyclic germylene-metal adductsLeong, Bi Xiang
2014N-heterocyclice carbene catalyzed enolate generation from aldehydes, esters and anhydridesChen, Shaojin
2002N-step prediction using box-Jenkins methodologySrinivasan Venkatachari.
2010Najib Razak's Reform of the NEP.Chen, Duanfa.
2019Named entity recognition and linking with knowledge basePhan, Cong Minh
2006Nano-bioceramics : process routes and characterizationXu, Jinling
2012Nano-contact, contact detection and prevention in high density hard disk drivesShen, Shengnan
2011Nano-crystalline ceramic laser materials and lasersGong, Hua
2017Nano-crystallised carbon-titanium dioxide-bismuth composite photocatalyst for clean water and hydrogen productionJuay, Jermyn
2010Nano-scale characterization of advanced gate stacks using transmission electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopyLi, Xiang
2005Nano-sized strontium titanate metal oxide semiconductor oxygen gas sensorsHu, Ying
2003Nano-structured catalyst for the removal of humic acid in integrated membrance/PCO systemTang, Tsen Meng.
2010Nano-structured materials using ICP-CVD nanotechnology processLee, Yi Chau
2008Nano-structured titanium dioxide microsphere for humic acid removal in waterLee, Pei Fung
2006Nano-vesicles for gene deliveryTan, Karen Li Ping