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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004R&D, strategic alliances and shareholder value in biotech industry.Teng, Poi Leng.
2018Racetrack memory based logic design for in-memory computingLuo, Tao
2002Radar data extraction and constant false alarm rate (CFAR) processingZhao, Lei.
1993Radar scattering from metallic gratings and periodic profilesMohamed Taib Mohamed Tahir.
1998Radial basis function networks for communication channel equalisationChandra Kumar, P.
2005Radial basis function neutral networks for speaker verificationLi, Guojie
2009Radially polarized beams for surface plasmon microscopyMoh, Jonathan Kenjin.
2007Radiated emission models of power line communication systemsLuo, Wu Qiong
2018Radiation effects of wearable antenna on human tissuesGunasegaran Uma Maheswari
2019Radiation hardened CMOS designDi, Jiwei
2009Radiation of open-ended waveguides through a multi-layer superstrateTan, Weihua
2019Radicalisation and countering violent extremism (CVE) in Australia : the impact of Australian foreign policyRavindran, Ajay Karthik
2018Radicalisation and foreign fighter mobilisation : the case of MaldivesAhmed Nazwan
2007Radicalization of the Rajah Solaiman Movement (RSM) : an emergent group of Balik Islam.Lynn Antonette Abella Lumayag.
2017Radio engineering of relay-based cellular networksMinelli, Mattia
2005Radio frequency identification (RFID) simulatorMyint Thazin.
2007Radio over fiber system for wireless LANGurprakash Singh Sandhu
2014Radio resource management in heterogeneous wireless networksSudarshan Guruacharya
2000Radon transform based automatic modulation recognition of communication signalsLiu, Xiangnan.
2019The Raffles Museum, Singapore, 1823-1960 : performativities of British colonial ruleAng, Eiselt Chin Siew