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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Tackling network insecurity in SingaporeTeo, Alvin Guo Yang
2009Tackling terror in Bangladesh : evolving a comprehensive strategyMuhamad Shafqat Munir
2006Tactical and technological innovation in terrorist campaignsDolnik, Adam
2005A tactical planning model for make-to-order environment under demand uncertaintyTeo, Chee Cheong
2012A tactical planning model for supply chains with nested ordering policySeyed Mehdi Zahraei
2011Tactile sensor interfacing circuit for minimally invasive surgeryLee, Chee How
2003Tagging of multimedia flows for active queue managementWu, Jionghui.
2016Tailoring and probing the electrical and optical properties of atomically thin two-dimensional materialsPeimyoo, Namphung
2019Tailoring excitonic light emission of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides semiconductorsFeng, Shun
2017Tailoring the electronic structures of zinc oxide based nanowires for optoelectronic applicationsZhao, Xin
2003Taiwan biotechnology : an analysis on industry competitiveness factorsLim, Kin Song; Ng, Toon Lee; Ramesh Veeramuthu; Wong, Jeremy Yee Seng
2006The Taiwan issue and its impacts on China's ties with the United States and Japan.Lim, Ryan Ruey Yan.
2002Taiwan's semiconductor tool manufacturers : challenges to success.Melvin Christopher Gamboa Sico.; Ong, Wee Min.; Su, William Kuo Wee.; Loh, Yong Hong.
2017A tale of two states : explaining corporate social responsibility weaknesses of Chinese investments in Southeast AsiaGong, Xue
2009Talent management : the china dilema a Shell China Ltd. perspectiveAkilli Hseyin Ercument; Chia, Carol Xiao Hui; Hakci Ali Levent; Hurtado Terminel Mayra Guadalupe
2004Talent management in a New Zealand multi-national corporation (Fonterra co-operative group limited).Goh, Terrence Kia Meng.; Phang, Chin Pong.; Quek, Peter Gim Eng.; Wong, Kan Foo.
2002Talent migration in Taiwan.Gill, Bob.; Ho, Wai Yeng.; Loh, Hsiao Yng.; Seow, Chow Chin.
2010Talent pool in the Singapore wealth management industry : lessons from the financial crisis.Kapusiz, Ebru.
2018“A talented and decorative group” : a re-examination of London’s women artists, c. 1900-1914Yu, Mengting
2014Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan : the role of post-conflict reconstructionSadia Sulaiman