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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Wafer level electromigration reliability study of deep submicron via for multilevel metallizationLoh, Wye Boon.
2012Wafer-level fine pitch Cu-Cu bonding for 3-D stacking of integrated circuitsPeng, Lan
2002Wafer-level isothermal electromigration study on deep sub-micron interconnect metallizationLim, Yeow Kheng.
2008Walang hanggang paalam : the case of international labor migration and underdevelopment in the Philippines.Lorilyn Banez Felimer-Shaikh.
1999Walking as a mode of travel in SingaporeTan, Cher Sin.
2001Wall movements due to jet groutingChen, Din Chong.
2018Wang Yangming’s conception of oneness : three modes of reasoning in instructions for practical livingChew, Sihao
2002War and terrorism.Chong, Desmond.
2018War of the propaganda machines : vying for "victory" in the narrative battle of MosulLee, Tracy Marie Shiyin
2003War or peace journalism? An examination of the principles and practices of war and peace journalism, and their application in the news coverage of the Kashmir conflict from February 15 to May 3, 2002.Chin, Francis Ngie Lie.
2018Warehouse and inventory management of photocopier and spare partsVasudevan, Ashwinkumar
1996Warehouse inventory management through simulationJin, Xilong
2011Warehouse management system application studyRoshan Lulu.
2003Warehouse optimizationTang, Sunny Yew Fai.
2000Warpage study of plastic endapsulated IC packageGan, Swee Lee
2006Warped discrete fourier transform and it's application on image compressionHosahalli Siddaiah Manjunath.
1997Warrant pricing : Singapore experience.Li, Zhi.
1997The Warren Buffet Way : a model and its application to selected stocks listed on the Stock Exchange of SingaporeDutta Supratim; Lam, Philip Hoe Wai; Lim, Kelvin Gim Chong
2014The warring state of peaceFung, Bianca Wan TIng
2007Was China for real ? Sino-American misperceptions and the Vietnam war, 1965-1967Foo, Ee June