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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002X-band high speed downlink for micro-satelliteLaw, Yong Kiang.
2001X-box: microsoft's response to Sony's playstation: a case analysisKo, Koon.
2010X-ray crystallographic characterization of heavy metal-nucleosome association and nucleosome core particle composed of novel DNA sequencesMohideen Abdul Kareem
2002X3D technology for E-commerce applicationsHuang, Jia.
2011Xiang zhen qi ye shi xing ji yue jing ying de dui ce yan jiu = Study on intensive operation of township and village enterpriseE, Jin Shu
2004XML-based query generator for multiple Boolean search systems on the webOh, Lay Choon
2002XYZ controller for laser acupunctureKwa, Hock Tiong.
2019Yeast FIT2 homologs mediate the crosstalk between stress response pathways and cellular proteostasisTeng, Peter Shyu Jr.
2016Yeats’s poetic theatre : cosmic laws in four plays for dancersGuan, Yuan Yuan
2008Ying-Yang approach to the optimization of fuzzy cerebellar model articulation controllerNguyen, Minh Nhut
2002Young children's concept of shape : Van Hiele visualization level of geometric thinkingHo, Siew Yin.
2001Young's modulus of foamsGoh, Joo Heng.
2017Youth violence : an alternative explanation for homegrown terrorismFloyd, Kathryn H.
2008Youth violence in a collective society.Lim, Lena Hui Xiang.
2009Youth's online privacy concerns and responses : an application of protection motivation model in China.Wu, Shanshan.
1997Z-scan investigation of third-order optical nonlinearities in second-harmonic-generation crystalsLi, He Ping.
2012Z-source inverters with enhanced voltage boost for renewable energy systemsLi, Ding
2011Zeolite core-shell micro-composites: synthesis and their applications.Md Easir Arafat Khan
2008Zero-based blind channel estimation and equalizationYe, Yun
2000Zero-crossing based compression hearing aidTan, Chin Tuan.