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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Z-scan investigation of third-order optical nonlinearities in second-harmonic-generation crystalsLi, He Ping.
2012Z-source inverters with enhanced voltage boost for renewable energy systemsLi, Ding
2011Zeolite core-shell micro-composites: synthesis and their applications.Md Easir Arafat Khan
2008Zero-based blind channel estimation and equalizationYe, Yun
2000Zero-crossing based compression hearing aidTan, Chin Tuan.
2013Zero-knowledge proof systems for lattice-based cryptographyNguyen, Ta Toan Khoa
2011Zhong guo qi ye ji shu chuang xin de zhang ai yu dui ce = Technological innovation in Chinese enterprises : obstacles and strategies.Zou, Xiao Shu.
2007Zinc oxide based nanostructures : fabrication, characterization and applicationsYang, Hui Ying
2007Zinc oxide thin films nanostructures metal organic chemical vapor depositionTan, Swee Tiam
2007Zinc oxide ultraviolet light-emitting devices : design and fabricationYuen, Clement
2007Zinc oxide ultraviolet light-emitting devices : design and fabrication.Yuen, Clement.
2016Zinc-air battery energy storage systemHuang, Yi
2016ZrO2 as high-K gate dielectric for GaN-based transistorsYe, Gang
2020λ-integrase mediated seamless vector transgenesis platformRoy, Suki
2002三峡库区产业结构重组、升级研究 = The adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure in the three gorges's area王庆 wang, Qing; 陈志军 Chen, Zhijun
2016「上承帝令,下佑群⽣」 新加坡朱、邢、李⼤⼈信仰 「神⼈关系」模式之研究 = The study of divinity models of the cult of Zhu, Xing & Li royal lords in Singapore林科宏 Lim, Ke Hong
1999上海港集装箱国际中转业务发展前景分析 = Analyzing the container market of international transshipment at port of Shanghai : potentials and challenges于宙 Yu, Zhou
2005上海电信长途语音业务市场分析 = An analysis on long-distance voice business market of Shanghai telecom夏斌 Xia, Bin; 张岱 Zhang, Dai; 王一民 Wang, Yimin
1999专业合作经济组织 :中国农业发展的新道路 = Specialized co-operatives : a new road to agricultural development in ChinaZuo, Xiaoguang.
2000世界高科技园区研究及中国高科技园区的政策选择 = World technological parks : implications on the development strategies of technological parks in China王志欣 Wang, Zhixin; 刘振洲 Liu, Zhenzhou