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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A 0-1 MINLP approach for solving the air cargo loading problemLi, Liqun
20020.13-micron CMOS device characterizationLazuardi, Stephen
20040.18 um DRAM product electrical failure analysis for prediction of physical defectsTej Bahadur Megh Raj.
20161,3,2-diazaphospholene-catalysed reduction of unsaturated bondsChong, Che Chang
20121- and 2-dimensional plasmonic nanostructures : design, fabrication and characterizationKang, Husen Kartasasmita
2017$100 a month or $1,200 a year : regulatory focus and the evaluation of temporally framed product attributesBasu, Shankha
199716 to 18 year old students' errors and misconceptions in learning probabilityChan, Wai Soen.
20181980年代后中国外国文学的翻译与出版 :以“译林出版社”为例 = Translation and publication of foreign literature after 1980s in China : a case study on "yilin press"尚晓萌 Shang, Xiaomeng
20011997-2000 年河北省农民收入增长趋缓的相关因素分析 = An analysis on factors of farmers' income in Hebei during 1997-2000毛宇山 Mao, Yushan
20181D fiber/yarn supercapacitors for wearable energy storageZhai, Shengli
20102-AZA-[3,3]-Sigmatropic rearrangement and AZA-PRINS cyclization and their applications in total synthesis of (-)-indolizidine-209B and (-)-perhydrohistrionicotoxinCheng, Hin Soon
2006A 2.45GHz CMOS PA+T/R switch for wireless communicationHu, Changhui
20152.5D and 3D I/O designs for energy-efficient memory-logic integration towards thousand-core on-chipSai Manoj Pudukotai Dinakarrao
20092002 Gujarat : a laboratory of institutionalized riotsVinay Kumar Pathak
2004The 2003 California recall election : an analysis of news framing and the celebrity.Seah, Lucinda Kar Hui.
2016A 29pJ/b FSK transmitter for wireless body area network applicationLi, Yilie
20172D and 3D image analysis and its application to Sky/Cloud imagingDev, Soumyabrata
20022D cracks analysis with symmetric Galerkin boundary element methodXu, Kai
20052D gel image processing and analysis for proteomicsDiao, Xiaoning
20162D nonlinear hydrodynamic model for support platforms of offshore floating wind turbinesWang, Lixian