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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20192D materials with enhanced thermoelectric (TE) propertiesShiau, Li Lynn
20193-D direct printing of silicone meniscus using a novel heat-curing extrusion based silicone printerLuis Adiwati, Guntur Eric
20203-dimensional electrode structure for enhanced electrochemical performance of in-plane microsupercapacitorsWang, Jing Yuan
20193D bioprinting of biomimetic skeletal muscle tissue modelZhuang, Pei
20203D microenvironments for in vitro modeling of alzheimer’s diseaseRanjan, Vivek Damodar
20203D printed magnetic digital microfluidics for biomedical applicationsKanitthamniyom, Pojchanun
20183D printing of shape memory polymers via stereolithography processChoong, Yu Ying Clarrisa
20203D-C/shape memory polymer composite for space deployable applicationsShivakumar, Ranjana
2020Absorptive frequency-selective structures and their applications in antenna systems of low radar cross sectionHuang, Hao
2020Accelerating homomorphic encryption for privacy-preserving applicationsHo, Truong Phu Truan
2020Acceptor and donor one-pot voltage-activated adhesivesTan, Nigel Chew Shun
2019Accident risk assessment and prediction using surrogate indicators and machine learningShi, Xiupeng
2019Acid degradation of thermoset materialsLim, Jacob Song Kiat
2020Acoustic measurements of supersonic jet flowsWei, Xiaofeng
2019Acoustic signal processing for well integrity monitoring systemsAng, Yi Yang
 2020Actin cytoskeleton regulation in plant innate immunityHe, Sun
2019Adaptation of Plasmodium falciparum in human RBC supplemented NSG miceChew, Marvin
2020Adaptive cooperative control of multi-agent systemsZou, Ying
2016Adaptive micro electret vibrational energy harvesterTao, Kai
2020Adaptor protein WDFY3 is neuroprotective by counteracting age-dependent decline in proteostasisFun, Xiu Hui