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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Unravelling the red ribbon : towards an effective aids education advertising campaign.Chew, Eddie Ee Koon.; Lee, Jaime Kee Hock.
2016Unravelling the roles of non-Watson-Crick and triplex structures in regulating RNA folding dynamics and functionZhong, Zhensheng
2012Unravelling trauma : the journey towards recovery in J.M. Coetzee’s disgraceZahira Hayati Mohamed Amin
2019Unravelling uniaxial strain effects on electronic correlations, hybridization and bonding in transition metal oxidesYong, Zhihua; Linghu, Jiajun; Xi, Shibo; Yin, Xinmao; Leek, Meng Lee; Shen, Lei; Timm, Rainer; Wee, Andrew T. S.; Feng, Yuan Ping; Pan, Jisheng
2020Unrelated parallel machine scheduling with setup times subject to job release and expired timesChen, Changyu
 2014Unresolved World War II animosity dampens empathy toward 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunamiYang, Ying; Liu, Xiao-xiao; Fang, Yang; Hong, Ying-yi
2012Unrestrained measurement of arm motion based on a wearable wireless sensor networkLee, Guo Xiong
2010Unrestrained measurement of arm motion based on wearable wireless sensor networkLee, Guo Xiong; Low, Kay-Soon; Taher, Tawfiq
2002Unrestricted warfare and Chinese military strategyNan, Li
2019Unsaturated elasto-plastic constitutive equations for compacted kaolin under consolidated drained and shearing-infiltration conditionsRahardjo, Harianto; Nguyen, Cong Thang; Kim, Yongmin; Leong, Eng-Choon
 2013Unsaturated properties of recycled concrete aggregate and reclaimed asphalt pavementRahardjo, Harianto; Satyanaga, Alfrendo; Leong, Eng Choon; Wang, Jing-Yuan
 2013Unsaturated shear strength of a silty sandSchnellmann, Reto; Rahardjo, Harianto; Schneider, Hans R.
 1986Unsaturated soil consolidation theory and laboratory experimental dataRahardjo, Harianto; Fredlund, Delwyn G.
 2007Unsaturated soil mechanics for slope stabilityRahardjo, Harianto; Satyanaga, Alfrendo; Leong, Eng Choon
2011Unsaturated soil mechanics for slope stabilizationLeong, Eng Choon; Rahardjo, Harianto; Satyanaga, Alfrendo
 2009Unsaturated soil mechanics for solving geotechnical problemsRahardjo, Harianto; Santoso, Vera Amalia; Leong, Eng Choon
2011UNSC vote on Palestine State : US credibility at stakeJames M. Dorsey
 2012Unscented compressed sensingCarmi, Avishy Y.; Mihaylova, Lyudmila.; Kanevsky, Dimitri.
 2013Unscrolling of multi-walled carbon nanotubes : towards micrometre-scale graphene oxide sheetsWong, Colin Hong An; Pumera, Martin
2009The unseen duties.Nur Juliana Mohd Johan.