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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Welcome to the club : from multimodal voluntary participation to community involvementLai, Chih-Hui; Chen, Wenhong
2009Welcome to the Lion City, Mr. President: Perspective of two American Students in SingaporeSayers, Eric; Lorimore, Clint
2015Welder certification for pipe weldingYang, Xun
2018Welding defect characterization through multiple domain phased array ultrasonic scanning data analysisNg, Jun Kai
2018Welding effect on tensile strength of grade S690Q steel butt jointChen, Cheng; Chiew, Sing-Ping; Zhao, Ming-Shan; Lee, Chi-King; Fung, Tat Ching
2016Welfare analysis of the vehicle quota system in Beijing, Shanghai and GuangzhouOng, Min Qi; Toh, Kai Sheng; Zhou, Shihao
2019Welfare costs from output and price fluctuations with heterogeneous agents and utility recoveryOng, Natalie Jia Min; Tan, Peck Hean; Tay, Cong Run
2014Welfare perceptions of public expenditure on environmental and non-environmental goodsOng, Qiyan; Quah, Euston
2014Welfare politics on the streets : the case of medical social workersLim, Yan Ming
 2013Well-aligned SiC nanoneedle arrays for excellent field emittersWu, Renbing; Zhou, Kun; Qian, Xukun; Wei, Jun; Tao, Yun; Sow, Chorng Haur; Wang, Liuying; Huang, Yizhong
2018Well-being and environmental policy stringency (EPS)Aw, Eugene Wei En; Lim, Yong Hui; Yeo, Clinton Jun Rong
2014A well-conditioned collocation method using a pseudospectral integration matrixWang, Li-Lian; Samson, Michael Daniel; Zhao, Xiaodan
2014Well-conditioned collocation schemes and new triangular spectral-element methodsVillena Samson, Michael Daniel
2016Well-defined Al-containing Lewis acids for organic transformationsLiu, Zhizhou
 2015A well-defined aluminum-based lewis acid as an effective catalyst for Diels-Alder transformationsLiu, Zhizhou; Lee, Jazreen Hui Qi; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
 2015Well-dispersed and size-controlled supported metal oxide nanoparticles derived from MOF composites and further application in catalysisLiu, Hong; Zhang, Suoying; Liu, Yayuan; Yang, Zhuhong; Feng, Xin; Lu, Xiaohua; Huo, Fengwei
2018Wellness monitoring through wearable devicesMohammad Asraf Abdul Hamid
2006West Papua issue : a view from Timor-LesteHorta, Loro
2016The west Sumatra earthquakes: not learning our lessons?Lassa, Jonatan A.
2003Western China: FDI opportunities & risks.Goh, Thong Liang.; Kong, Shih Hui.; Ye, Jingxian.