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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Weyl points and topological nodal superfluids in a face-centered-cubic optical latticeLang, Li-Jun; Zhang, Shao-Liang; Law, K. T.; Zhou, Qi
2021Weyl, Dirac and high-fold chiral fermions in topological quantum matterHasan, M. Zahid; Chang, Guoqing; Belopolski, Ilya; Bian, Guang; Xu, Su-Yang; Yin, Jia-Xin
2015WFF-BM3D : a hybrid denoising scheme for fringe patternsZhao, Ming; Qian, Kemao
2018What a pickleHan, Lilly Li Li
2013What about Wut ? : a conversation analysis (CA) approach to the Singapore Colloquial English (SCE) particle Wut.Sountharavalli Mudhlie.
2014What Africa can learn from ColombiaBuyoya, Pierre; Obasanjo, Olusegun; Kilcullen, David; Mills, Greg
 2012What are centered worlds?Liao, Shen-yi.
2014What are Principles for Design for Additive Manufacturing?Rosen, David W.
2015What are the effects of ethnicity on English pop music artists in Singapore?Chua, Jonathan Jian Xin
2020What are the important technologies for bin picking? Technology analysis of robots in competitions based on a set of performance metricsFujita, M.; Domae, Yukiyasu; Noda, Akio; Garcia Ricardez, Gustavo Alfonso; Nagatani, Tatsuya; Zeng, Andy; Song, Shuran; Rodriguez, Alberto; Causo, Albert; Chen, I-Ming; Ogasawara, Tsukasa
2015What are the intensities and line-shapes of the twenty four polarization terms in coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy?Niu, Kai; Lee, Soo-Ying
2005What are the perceptions of employers regarding the employability of local distance-learning business graduates compared to local universities' business graduates.Chew, Fook Soon.; Poon, Hua.; Tng, Kelvin Yong Kwang.
2019What are you afraid of?Chua, Xin Yi
2011What are you looking at?Lin, Wahlene Fangjun.
2015What can the structure of the palm print tell us?Wei, Xiaoliang
2012What can the structure of the palm print tell us?Sont Rahardja.
2013What can the structure of the palmprint tell usLeong, Wei Siong.
2010What can the structure of the palmprint tell usPay, Choon Boon.
2016What can the structure of the palmprint tell us?Liu, Xue
2017What can the structure of the palmprint tell us?Boon, Kok Chin