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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017"A+Z"Ho, Alicia Mun Yee
2017A+Z: making life into artNeo, Jedidah
2015A-not-a questions in Mandarin Chinese : an HPSG accountWang, Wenjie
2014A045 : develop a hydrophobic surface to enable prolonged water flow without external forceLee, Seung Hyun
2015A077 : magnetic energy generator prototypeNg, Bernard Chun Yang
2015A0–C8Foo, Jonathan Enze
2018A112 - power generation by ocean waves (ii) : electric generator (A)Nur Muhammed Seah Kuan Yew
2016A1190-151: Design and prototype MOSFET/IGBT switches for efficient power convertersNurhidayah, Siti
2014A161 - study of CNT compositeTeo, Brannon Zi Wei
2016A182 enabling outdoor formation flying via re-modelling of ground control station solutionsAw, Zi Quan
2013A193 : design of a compact loading machineWong, Choon Fu.
2020AATEAM : achieving the ad hoc teamwork by employing the attention mechanismChen, Shuo; Andrejczuk, Ewa; Cao, Zhiguang; Zhang, Jie
2007Ab initio constrained crystal-chemical Rietveld refinement of Ca10(VxP1-xO4)6F2 apatitesMercier, Patrick H. J.; Dong, Zhili; Baikie, Thomas; Page, Yvon Le; White, Timothy John; Whitfield, Pamela S.; Mitchel, Lyndon D.
 2013Ab initio folding of extended α-helix : a theoretical study about the role of electrostatic polarization in the folding of helical structuresLazim, Raudah; Wei, Caiyi; Sun, Tiedong; Zhang, Dawei
2015Ab initio multimode linewidth theory for arbitrary inhomogeneous laser cavitiesPick, A.; Cerjan, Alexander; Liu, D.; Rodriguez, A. W.; Stone, A. D.; Chong, Yi Dong; Johnson, S. G.
 2013Ab initio optical study of graphene on hexagonal boron nitride and fluorographene substratesLin, Xiao; Xu, Yang; Hakro, Ayaz Ali; Hasan, Tawfique; Hao, Ran; Zhang, Baile; Chen, Hongsheng
 2014Ab initio simulation of electronic and mechanical properties of aluminium for fatigue early feature investigationZhang, Shuai; Tan, Cher Ming; Cheng, Shuguang; Deng, Tianqi; He, Feifei; Su, Haibin
 2013Ab initio study of electronic and optical behavior of two-dimensional silicon carbideLin, Xiao; Lin, Shisheng; Xu, Yang; Hakro, Ayaz Ali; Hasan, Tawfique; Zhang, Baile; Yu, Bin; Luo, Jikui; Li, Erping; Chen, Hongsheng
2015Ab initio variational transition state theory and master equation study of the reaction (OH)3SiOCH2 + CH3 ⇌ (OH)3SiOC2H5Nurkowski, Daniel; Klippenstein, Stephen J.; Georgievskii, Yuri; Verdicchio, Marco; Jasper, Ahren W.; Akroyd, Jethro; Mosbach, Sebastian; Kraft, Markus
2014Ab-initio study of donor-acceptor codoping for n-type CuOPeng, Yuan; Zheng, Jianwei; Wu, Ping; Wang, Junling