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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003F spots and domain patterns in rhombohedral PbZr0.90Ti0.10O3Huang, Haitao; Zhou, Li Min; Guo, Jun; Hng, Huey Hoon; Oh, Joo Tien; Hing, Peter
2007F&B business opportunity in NTU.Low, Wan Wen.; Thean, Ai Hui.; Wong, Melissa Jing Pei.
2011F( . )( . )D.Koh, Wei Ling.
2009F-15SG: the last manned fighter for the RSAF?Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2013F-35 Joint strike fighter : Singapore's next-generation fighter?Wong, Kelvin Ka Weng
2013The F-word : how do overweight and obese Malay women experience and cope with fat stigma in Singapore?Syarafina Abdul Halim.
2018F1 racing circuit In laboratory settingMuhammad Fadzli Rosli
2008F1: One Formula to bolster the Singaporean nationPhua, Joanna
1995F404 Engine performance simulationHo, Peng Yip.
2010Fables alive!Poh, Shu Yan.
2021Fabric based water energy harvestingHong, Trica Li Xuan
2013Fabric of a family : alternative families in Singapore.Goh, Chay Teng.; Quah, Dai Wei.
2012Fabricate aluminium mold by hot embossing method for manufacturing of polymeric micro-devicesAung, Yan Nyein
2014Fabricate Wavy Micro/Nano Fiber via Auxiliary ElectrodesZhu, Ziming; Chen, Xindu; Zheng, Junwei; Liang, Feng; Li, Minghao; Wang, Han
 2018Fabricating 3D macroscopic graphene-based architectures with outstanding flexibility by the novel liquid drop/colloid flocculation approach for energy storage applicationsHan, Meng; Jayakumar, Anjali; Li, Zongheng; Zhao, Qiannan; Zhang, Junming; Jiang, Xiaoping; Guo, Xiaolong; Wang, Ronghua; Xu, Chaohe; Song, Shufeng; Lee, Jong-Min; Hu, Ning
2021Fabricating hydrogel for solar steam generationLeow, Ming Zhe
2017Fabricating memories, narratives and identities through the good morning towel and its consumed ‘Nostalgia’ in SingaporeTay, Nika Hui Min
2017Fabricating micro-features using polymer 3D additive manufacturingYao, Denghui
2016Fabricating Patient-customizable Tubular Scaffolds From Biodegradable PolymerChian, Kerm Sin; Tan, Yu Jun; Leong, Kah Fai
2009Fabricating polymer-nanocomposite fiber for biomedical applications.Chew, Shirlin.