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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999H [infinity] controller synthesis for sampled-data systems and nonlinear systemsYu, Qi.
2019(H, Li)Cl and LiOH hydration : surface tension, solution conductivity and viscosity, and exothermic dynamicsSun, Chang Qing; Yao, Chuang; Sun, Yi; Liu, Xinjuan; Fang, Hengxin; Huang, Yongli
2017h-BNNT aerogel for selective CO2 adsorption and H2 storageTai, Yi Xuen
2018H-man : 3-D localization using trilateral computation and ultrasoundChen, Jian Hao Nicholas
2016H-man : customized handle for a 2D planar robotFoo, Ming Jeat
2017H-Man : customized handles for a 2D planer robotTee, Li Jiang
2017H-Man : refinement of a planar 2-DOF robotic manipulandum for use in clinical settings and at homeGoh, Kenneth You Hua
2019H-Man : refinement of a planar, 2dof robotic manipulandum for use in clinical settings and at homeAng, Liang Jie
2018H-Man : refinement of a planar, 2DOF robotic manipulandum for use in clinical settings and at homeKitahara, Kotaro
2014H-Man: A Planar, H-shape Cabled Differential Robotic Manipulandum for Experiments on Human Motor ControlCampolo, Domenico; Tommasino, Paolo; Gamage, Kumudu; Klein, Julius; Hughes, Charmayne Mary Lee; Masia, Lorenzo
2015H-Man: customized handles for a 2D planar robotXiang, Yu
2018H-Man: design & development of forearm support with position detection ability for use in clinical settings and at home for neuro-rehabilitationNur' Iffah Sohaimi
2016H-man: refinement of a planar, 2DOF robotic manipulandum for use in clinical settings and at homeTeo, Theodore Zhe Quan
2009H.264 encoder on embedded DSP platformCai, Yuejun
2010H.264 video streaming system on embedded DSP platformAbdul Majeeth, Mohamed Ansary
2008H.O.P.E.He, Samuel.; Chen, Edwin Weiming.; Lin, Hui.; Chia, Shun Yi.
 2012H2 and CH4 oxidation on Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 infiltrated SrMoO3-yttria-stabilized zirconia anode for solid oxide fuel cellsXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Zhang, Lan; Lee, Jong-Min; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin
2003H2 and H(infinity) optimal design of multirate filter bank systemsZhou, Huan.
2021H3K27me3-rich genomic regions can function as silencers to repress gene expression via chromatin interactionsCai, Yichao; Zhang, Ying; Loh, Yan Ping; Tng, Jia Qi; Lim, Mei Chee; Cao, Zhendong; Raju, Anandhkumar; Lieberman Aiden, Erez; Li, Shang; Manikandan, Lakshmanan; Tergaonkar, Vinay; Tucker-Kellogg, Greg; Fullwood, Melissa Jane
1999H8 filtering and control of 2-D systemsDu, Chunling