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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012J-integral analysis of crack problems in pressurised LNG fuel tankLeong, Kee Kiat.
1999Jacked pipes as retaining wall in underpass constructionJaysankar, R.
2016Jafar Panahi : a conversation with humanityLee, Evelyn Kit Ying
2013Jaga Diri : negotiating sexual abstinence as a sexual scriptAbdul Rashid, Farah Izzah
2016Jahn-Teller-induced femtosecond electronic depolarization dynamics of the nitrogen-vacancy defect in diamondUlbricht, Ronald; Dong, Shuo; Chang, I-Ya; Mariserla, Bala Murali Krishna; Dani, Keshav M.; Hyeon-Deuk, Kim; Loh, Zhi-Heng
2016The Jakarta Assault: Pre-empting the Rise of IS IndonesiaYang Razali Kassim
2004Jakarta bombing 2004 : why target Australia?Teo, Michelle.
2012Jakarta governor’s election : implications for 2014Yoes, C. Kenawas; Sebastian, Leonard C.
2016Jakarta terrorist attacks: the threat from the Islamic StateDesker, Barry
2016Jakarta’s 2017 Gubernatorial Elections: More Than Just PoliticsSatrio Dwicahyo; Chen, Jonathan
2019JALAD : joint accuracy- and latency-aware deep structure decoupling for edge-cloud executionLi, Hongshan; Hu, Chenghao; Jiang, Jingyan; Wang, Zhi; Wen, Yonggang; Zhu, Wenwu
2019Jamu : the identification of female empowerment within Malay women in 20th century SingaporeMaizuriah Mohd Yasin
2010Jamu Giri Foundation : a showcase for holistic design.Hana Boenjamin.
2012JanakiDon Aravind; Ng, Tze Weng; Chee, Kang Xiong
2011Jane Eyre - A figure of displacement and ambiguous independence.Yee, Minyi.
2019Jangka (expectations)Rifdi Rosly
2013January effect in Singapore.Wang, Zhuo.; Ng, Ernest Poh San.; Loh, Stella Yun Jia.
1997The January effects in the Singapore Stock MarketTan, Toong Hoong; Tang, Yun Fen; Yu, Poh Chu
2019Janus particles with large wetting contrast for self-assembly applicationsTan, Jasmine Si Jia
2017Janus photonic crystal for multiple biological sensingNeo, Jun Wei