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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011O-Level algebra question generator - part EWut Hmone Thinn.
2011O-Level algebra question generator--part DZhao, Yuelong.
2011O-Level calculus question generatorPhang, Peow Wai.
 2018O2 plasma and cation tuned nickel phosphide nanosheets for highly efficient overall water splittingDinh, Khang Ngoc; Sun, Xiaoli; Dai, Zhengfei; Zheng, Yun; Zheng, Penglun; Yang, Jun; Xu, Jianwei; Wang, Zhiguo; Yan, Qingyu
2008Obama and McCain : different visions for AsiaTow, William
2009The Obama Doctrine and Southeast AsiaCook, Alistair David Blair
2009Obama's Afghan arm-twisting : weakening Karzai to give him strength?Lorimore, Clint; Clarke, Ryan
2009Obama's challenge : addressing Muslim radicalization in PakistanLorimore, Clint
2013Obama's second term foreign policy : nation-building at home, more conciliation abroadResnick, Evan
2009Obama's soft power: how the world is coping with itGoh Nur Firdaus Firoz
2009Obama’s America: Why it is likely to endure in AsiaDeepak Nair
2010Obama’s India visit : in search of a new equilibriumAjaya Kumar Das
2016Obama’s Mosque Visit: A Big Deal?Juhi, Ahuja
2013Obesity triggered smoldering inflammation as a cause of diabetes.Wong, Yi Xin.
2018Obesity-associated inflammation promotes angiogenesis and breast cancer via angiopoietin-like 4Kolb, Ryan; Kluz, Paige; Tan, Zhen Wei; Borcherding, Nicholas; Bormann, Nicholas; Vishwakarma, Ajaykumar; Balcziak, Louis; Zhu, Pengcheng; Davies, Brandon S. J.; Gourronc, Francoise; Liu, Ling-Zhi; Ge, Xin; Jiang, Bing-Hua; Gibson-Corley, Katherine; Klingelhutz, Aloysius; Tan, Nguan Soon; Zhu, Yuwen; Sutterwala, Fayyaz S.; Shen, Xian; Zhang, Weizhou
 2012Obfuscating the topical intention in enterprise text searchPang, Hwee Hwa; Xiao, Xiaokui; Shen, Jiali
2014Obfuscation and watermarking of FPGA designs based on constant value generatorsSergeichik, Vladimir V.; Ivaniuk, Alexander A.; Chang, Chip-Hong
2014Obfuscation techniques for Java source codeNguyen, Dinh Phuc
2008Object categorization of Chinese-English bilinguals in a free response task.Marliana Mohamed Aron.
2018Object classification from segmented LiDAR input using 3 dimensional convolutional neural networksPangottil Shanoop