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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005S-band power amplifier design for Leo satellitesTeh, Eng Chuan.
 2017S-CNN : subcategory-aware convolutional networks for object detectionChen, Tao; Lu, Shijian; Fan, Jiayuan
2009S-REITs performance : initial day and until dividend announcement.Khoo, Ke Xin.; Tay, Serene Ya Yun.; Shee, Genevieve Shu Hua.
2010S.A.C.O. and a revised American experience in China.Lee, Bryan D.
2013S100A8 and A9 proteins regulate expression of key genes for inflammation and wound healing.Khoo, Jasmine Ser Chin.
2012S5 versus P5 : the rise of the small states?Yang Razali Kassim
1988SAARC and trade cooperation : image and realityIftekharuzzaman
2013The Sabah incursion : gaps in regional maritime securityRistian Atriandi Supriyanto
2013The Sabah-Sulu crisis : time to revisit the Sulu zone?Franco, Joseph Raymond S.
2020Sacred canopies or religious markets? The effect of county-level religious diversity on later changes in religious involvementOlson, Daniel V. A.; Marshall, Joey; Jung, Jong Hyun; Voas, David
2017‘Sacredness’ of Nightclubs: A Study on Significance of Nightclub Spaces among Young Singaporean ClubbersLee, Su Yu
2016Sacrificial gelatin microspheres for tissue engineering applicationsLeong, Wenyan
2009A saddle point approach to the computation of harmonic mapsHu, Qiya; Tai, Xue Cheng; Winther, Ragnar
2005SAF : a flexible force to deal with the unexpectedLoo, Bernard Fook Weng; Ho, Joshua
2019The SAF After Next IncarnationRaska, Michael
2010SAF in cyberspace : the image of defence and the internetChan, Samuel
2008The SAF's new clothes : recognising the importance of personal equipment in the SAFHo, Shu Huang
2004SAF's next challengeDesker, Barry
2014A Safe and Economical Design of Composite Profile Steel Decking Systems under Fire ConditionsNguyen, Tuan-Trung; Tan, Kang-Hai
2020Safe autonomy under uncertainty : computation, control, and applicationGao, Yulong