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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017T cell homeostasis and immune responses during disease progression in a mouse model for Rheumatoid arthritisOng, Joel Kai Li
2018T- timeCheng, Vanessa Wan Ting
2009A T-algebraic approach to primal-dual interior-point algorithmsChua, Chek Beng.
 2013T-cell death following immune activation is mediated by mitochondria-localized SARMHo, B.; Chen, J.; Singh, L. P.; Selvarajan, V.; Ng, S. B.; Tan, N. S.; Panneerselvam, P.; Chng, Wee Joo; Ding, Jeak Ling
2018T2Net : synthetic-to-realistic translation for solving single-image depth estimation tasksZheng, Chuanxia; Cham, Tat-Jen; Cai, Jianfei
2014T7 bacteriophage induced changes of gold nanoparticle morphology: biopolymer capped gold nanoparticles as versatile probes for sensitive plasmonic biosensorsNiedziolka-Jonsson, Joanna; Kannan, Palanisamy; Los, Marcin; Los, Joanna M.
2016TAB board projectsNg, Shaun Siew Qee
2021Table detection and recognition from image-based document and implementation of software applicationKong, Alson
2019Table tennis in virtual realityLim, Shi Feng
 2017Table-like magnetocaloric effect and large refrigerant capacity in Gd65Mn25Si10-Gd composite materials for near room temperature refrigerationZhong, Xi Chun; Shen, X. Y.; Mo, H. Y.; Jiao, D. L.; Liu, Z. W.; Qiu, W. Q.; Zhang, H.; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan
2016A tablet computer app for renewable energy engineering calculationsTan, Soon Yong
2011Tablet-based kitchen/cashier systemSim, Eng Keat.
2017TabletalksChan, Cindy Yan Ni
2017Tableware design inspired by synergistic complementary opposites derived via non-visual language of soundNg, Tsian Wah
2009The Tablighi Jama'at movement in the southern provinces of Thailand today : networks and modalitiesFarish A. Noor
2014Tabloid Singapore : an investigation into the Singapore tabloid medium how the New Paper and STOMP serves to construct our everyday life and realityLim, Bertrand Yong Kwan
2005A tabu search algorithm for static routing and wavelength assignment problemWang, Ying; Cheng, Tee Hiang; Lim, Meng-Hiot
 2012Tachyon search speeds up retrieval of similar sequences by several orders of magnitudeSirota, Fernanda L.; Sherman, Westley A.; Tan, Joshua; Kuchibhatla, Durga; Gattermayer, Tobias; Kwoh, Chia Yee; Eisenhaber, Frank; Schneider, Georg; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian
2020TACI constrains TH17 pathogenicity and protects against gut inflammationTan, Andy Hee-Meng; Tso, Gloria Hoi Wan; Zhang, Biyan; Teo, Pei-Yun; Ou, Xijun; Ng, Sze-Wai; Wong, Alex Xing Fah; Tan, Sean Jing Xiang; Sanny, Arleen; Kim, Susana Soo-Yeon; Lee, Alison P.; Xu, Shengli; Lam, Kong-Peng
2020Tackling Abu Sayyaf : need to rethink strategiesBanlaoi, Rommel C.