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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006U Turn : the Journey Begins.Goh, Yun Ting.; Ler, You Wei.; Ng, Zi Yi.; Zhong, Huiqi.
2014U(3) artificial gauge fields for cold atomsHu, Yu-Xin; Miniatura, Christian; Wilkowski, David; Grémaud, Benoît
2000u-SCADA system (micro-supervisory control and data acquisition system)Sanal Kumar Pannen.
2005U.S nuclear diplomacy with North Korean : from Clinton to Bush.Cheng, Wen Ching.
2017U.S presidential election 2016 : what can we tell about public opinion from 140 characters?Wong, Li Yan
2013The U.S. decision-making in the third Taiwan strait crisis.Ye, Wei.
2009U.S. Foreign Policy and Southeast Asia: From Manifest Destiny to Shared DestinyChew, Emrys
2011U.S. foreign policy towards Taiwan Strait after 9/11.Zhou, Xiaohuan.
2018U.S. involvement in Cambodia, 1965-1975 : lessons from the tragedy of cold war intervention in CambodiaLi, Ian Huiyuan
2008The U.S. maritime strategy: a cooperative strategy for 21st century seapowerHo, Joshua
2005U.S. military transformation and implications for Asian securityLoo, Bernard Fook Weng.
2012U.S. pivots to maritime Southeast AsiaRistian Atriandi Supriyanto
2017U.S. policy failures and North Korean nuclear non-proliferationJohn Bringe
2006U.S. policy in the quicksand of the Middle EastCrow, Karim Douglas
2004U.S. policy towards Iraqi reconstruction : a comparative study of U.S. policy towards Japan after World War IIQiu, Chaobing
2006U.S. ports controversy : the politics of fear and maritime securityBateman, Sam
2007U.S. primacy, Eurasia's new strategic landscape, and the emerging Asian orderVuving, Alexander L
2008U.S. security policy in East Asia and the China factor is preference for hub-and-spokes desirable?Hong, Yan.
1997U.S. Trade deficit news & the stock return of the automobile industry and its leading automakers in both the U.S. and JapanLim Keng Hong Wendy, Poh Hsiao Yen, Tham Puah Ling
2007U.S.-Asean economic relations after 9/11.He, Shiqing.