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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012The X control chart for monitoring process shifts in mean and varianceKhoo, Michael B. C.; Yang, Mei; Wu, Zhang; Lee, Ka Man
2016The X-2 ADT-X: Japan's last chance fighter jet?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2002X-band high speed downlink for micro-satelliteLaw, Yong Kiang.
2001X-box: microsoft's response to Sony's playstation: a case analysisKo, Koon.
2014X-Linked thrombocytopenia causing mutations in WASP (L46P and A47D) impair T cell chemotaxisJain, Neeraj; Tan, Jun Hou; Feng, Shijin; George, Bhawana; Thanabalu, Thirumaran
1996X-ray and NMR structure of human Bcl-xL, an inhibitor of programmed cell deathYoon, Ho Sup; Sattler, Michael; Muchmore, Steven W.; Liang, Heng; Meadows, Robert P.; Harlan, John E.; Nettesheim, David G.; Chang, Brian S.; Thompson, Craig B.; Wong, Sui-Lam; Ng, Shi-Chung; Fesik, Stephen W.
2013X-ray and ultrasonic testing techniques for defect inspection in compositeZhou, David Yutian.
2015X-ray assessment of porosity in 3D-printed metal componentsTan, Shaun Xin Wei
2010X-ray crystallographic characterization of heavy metal-nucleosome association and nucleosome core particle composed of novel DNA sequencesMohideen Abdul Kareem
2000X-ray diffraction and optical characterization of interdiffusion in self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum-dot superlatticesXu, S. J.; Wang, H.; Li, Q.; Xie, M. H.; Wang, X. C.; Fan, Weijun; Feng, S. L.
2016X-ray diffraction characterisation of cathode materials for lithium batteriesCheng, Regina Bei Ying
 2009X-ray diffraction, rietveld crystal structure refinement and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy of nano-structured materialsDong, Zhili
2016X-ray Scintillation in Lead Halide Perovskite CrystalsCortecchia, D.; Drozdowski, W.; Brylew, K.; Lachmanski, W.; Birowosuto, Muhammad Danang; Bruno, Annalisa; Soci, Cesare
2004X-Sat bus developmentArichandran, K.
2006X-sat microsatellite space bus design and developmentArichandran, K.; Tan, Soon Hie; Fan, Sau Cheong; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
2003X. Power to express : a promotional campaign for colourtooLiew, Grace Woon Ling; Low, Hwei Hsia; Mah, Min Erh; Toh, Hui Tin
2002X3D technology for E-commerce applicationsHuang, Jia.
 2018Xanthomonas campestris promotes diffusible signal factor biosynthesis and pathogenicity by utilizing glucose and sucrose from host plantsZhang, Chunyan; Lv, Mingfa; Yin, Wenfang; Dong, Tingyan; Chang, Changqing; Miao, Yansong; Jia, Yantao; Deng, Yinyue
2001XBRL: a Singapore perspective.Kang, Christine Hwee.; Ng, Carole Soo Hiang.; Sim, Peck San.
2013Xenophobia against foreign professionals in Singapore : real or imagined?Rasid, Nur Raisah