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Design and analysis of D-Band on-chip modulator and signal source based on split-ring resonator   [2019]

Liang, Yuan; Boon, Chirn Chye; Li, Chenyang; Tang, Xiao-Lan; Ng, Herman Jalli; Kissinger, Dietmar; Wang, Yong; Zhang, Qingfeng; Yu, Hao

A 1036-F2/bit high reliability temperature compensated cross-coupled comparator-based PUF   [2020]

Zhao, Qiang; Wu, Yiheng; Zhao, Xiaojin; Cao, Yuan; Chang, Chip-Hong

A 0.007 mm² 0.6 V 6 MS/s low-power double rail-to-rail SAR ADC in 65-nm CMOS   [2021]

Jo, Yong-Jun; Kim, Ju Eon; Baek, Kwang-Hyun; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung

Analytical high frequency channel thermal noise modeling in deep sub-micron MOSFETs   [2009]

Ong, Shih Ni; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Chew, Kok Wai Johnny; Chan, Lye Hock; Loo, Xi Sung; Do, Manh Anh; Boon, Chirn Chye

Interceptive side channel attack on AES-128 wireless communications for IoT applications   [2016]

Pammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Ho, Weng-Geng; Gwee, Bah Hwee

High Performance Low Overhead Template-based Cell-Interleave Pipeline (TCIP) for Asynchronous-Logic QDI Circuits   [2016]

Ho, Weng-Geng; Liu, Nan; Ne, Kyaw Zwa Lwin; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Gwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester

A crosstalk-immune sub-THz All-surface-wave I/O transceiver in 65-nm CMOS   [2018]

Liang, Yuan; Boon, Chirn Chye; Yu, Hao

Design of a low power wide-band high resolution programmable frequency divider   [2005]

Yu, Xiao Peng; Do, Manh Anh; Jia, Lin; Ma, Jianguo; Yeo, Kiat Seng

Lab-on-Mask for remote respiratory monitoring   [2020]

Pan, Liang; Wang, Cong; Jin, Haoran; Li, Jie; Yang, Le; Zheng, Yuanjin; Wen, Yonggang; Tan, Ban Hock; Loh, Xian Jun; Chen, Xiaodong

Security analysis of asynchronous-logic QDI cell approach for differential power analysis attack   [2016]

Ho, Weng-Geng; Pammu, Ali Akbar; Liu, Nan; Ne, Kyaw Zwa Lwin; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Gwee, Bah Hwee

High Secured Low Power Multiplexer-LUT Based AES S-Box Implementation   [2016]

Pammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Ne, Kyaw Zwa Lwin; Gwee, Bah Hwee

Dual-hiding side-channel-attack resistant FPGA-based asynchronous-logic AES : design, countermeasures and evaluation   [2021]

Chong, Kwen-Siong; Ng, Jun-Sheng; Chen, Juncheng; Lwin, Ne Kyaw Zwa; Kyaw, Nay Aung; Ho, Weng-Geng; Chang, Joseph; Gwee, Bah-Hwee

A new polarization image demosaicking algorithm by exploiting inter-channel correlations with guided filtering   [2020]

Liu, Shumin; Chen, Jiajia; Xun, Yuan; Zhao, Xiaojin; Chang, Chip-Hong

Secured Low Power Overhead Compensator Look-Up-Table (LUT) Substitution Box (S-Box) Architecture   [2016]

Pammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Gwee, Bah Hwee

Live demonstration: man-in-the-middle attack on edge artificial intelligence   [2024]

Hu, Bowen; He, Weiyang; Wang, Si; Liu, Wenye; Chang, Chip Hong