School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Near bed hydraulics and sediment transport in currents and waves   [2005]

Lim, Siow Yong.; Tan, Soon Keat.; Yu, Guoliang.

High-fidelity dynamics of piezoelectric covered metamaterial Timoshenko beams using the spectral element method   [2023]

Hu, Guobiao; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen; Yu, Dewen; Zi, Yunlong

Flow past a near-wall retrograde rotating cylinder at varying rotation and gap ratios   [2018]

Tan, Soon Keat; Wang, Xi Kun; Li, Ya Lin; Yuan, Shou Qi

Mixing characteristics of 45° inclined duckbill dense jets in co-flowing currents   [2021]

Jiang, Mingtao; Chen, Wei; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung

Performance study of wire rope isolators for vibration isolation equipment and structures   [2016]

Adnan, A.; Balaji, P. S.; Moussa, L.; Rahman, M. E.; Ho, Lau Hieng; Tiong, Patrick Liq Yee

Inverse analyses of disk infiltrometer tests   [2012]

Leong, Eng Choon; Rahardjo, Harianto; Nyunt, T. T.

Design of diaphragm walls   [2001]

Goh, Anthony Teck Chee.; Wong, Kai Sin.

Trip and parking generation of major land use developments   [2006]

Fan, Henry Shing Leung; Tan, Yan Weng

Unsaturated soil consolidation theory and laboratory experimental data   [1986]

Rahardjo, Harianto; Fredlund, Delwyn G.

Tidal flushing in a semi-enclosed basin   [1997]

Chen, Charng Ning.; Tan, Soon Keat.; Pavel, Tkalitch.