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Estimating human wrist stiffness during a tooling task   [2020]

Phan, Gia-Hoang; Hansen, Clint; Tommasino, Paolo; Budhota, Aamani; Mohan, Dhanya Menoth; Hussain, Asif; Burdet, Etienne; Campolo, Domenico

A microfabricated dual slip-pressure sensor with compliant polymer-liquid metal nanocomposite for robotic manipulation   [2021]

Accoto, Dino ; Donadio, Alessandro; Yang, Sibo; Ankit; Mathews, Nripan

3D graphic laser safety notification system for industrial human-robot cell   [2020]

Seet, Gerald Gim Lee; Viatcheslav, Iastrebov; Pang, W. Ching; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh

Dynamic friction model for tendon-sheath actuated surgical robots : modelling and stability analysis   [2013]

Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Lau, Michael Wai Shing; Phee, Soo Jay; Do, T. N.

Augmented reality interface for taping robot   [2017]

Dinh, Huy; Yuan, Quilong; Viatcheslav, Iastrebov; Seet, Gerald

Modelling and optimisation of a mechanism-based metamaterial for a wrist flexion-extension assistive device   [2021]

Raghavendra Kulkarni, Suhas; Noronha, Bernardo; Campolo, Domenico; Accoto, Dino

Robust ellipse detection via duality principle with a false determination control   [2018]

Dong, Huixu; Chen, I-Ming; Prasad, Dilip Kumar

Laser graphics in augmented reality applications for real-world robot deployment   [2016]

Seet, Gerald Gim Lee; Iastrebov, Viatcheslav; Huy, Dinh Quang; Pang, Wee Ching

A complementary filter design on SE(3) to identify micro-motions during 3D motion tracking   [2020]

Phan, Gia-Hoang; Hansen, Clint; Tommasino, Paolo; Hussain, Asif; Formica, Domenico; Campolo, Domenico

Kinematic design and analysis of a 7 degree-of-freedom dual-stage inspection manipulator for dexterous subsea applications   [2003]

Asokan, Thondiyath; Seet, Gerald; Iastrebov, Viatcheslav; Senanayake, Rohan

Design and characterization of an instrumented hand-held power tool to capture dynamic interaction with the workpiece during manual operations   [2020]

Phan, Gia-Hoang; Hansen, Clint; Tommasino, Paolo; Hussain, Asif; Campolo, Domenico

Switching assistance for exoskeletons during cyclic motions   [2019]

Tagliamonte, Nevio Luigi; Valentini, Simona; Sudano, Angelo; Portaccio, Iacopo; De Leonardis, Chiara; Formica, Domenico; Accoto, Dino

Geometry of contact during tooling tasks via dynamic estimation   [2018]

Phan, Gia-Hoang; Tommasino, Paolo; Hussain, Asif; Hansen, Clint; Castagne, Sylvie; Campolo, Domenico

Vision enhancement using stereoscopic telepresence for remotely operated underwater robotic vehicles   [2008]

Iastrebov, Viatcheslav; Seet, Gerald; Asokan, Thondiyath; Chui, Yoon Ping; Lau, Michael Wai Shing

A frictional contact-pattern-based model for inserting a flexible shaft into curved channels   [2021]

Liu Jiajun; Cao Lin; Miyasaka, Muneaki; Phee, Soo Jay 

Quantitative assessment at task-level for performance of robotic configurations and task plans   [2019]

Weng, Ching-Yen; Tan, Wei Chian; Yuan, Qilong; Chen, I-Ming

A new method for evaluating kinesthetic acuity during haptic interaction   [2014]

Casadio, Maura; Squeri, V.; De Santis, D.; Zenzeri, J.; Masia, L.; Morasso, P.