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The preservation of storm events in the geologic record of New Jersey, USA   [2024]

Joyse, Kristen M.; Walker, Jennifer S.; Godfrey, Linda; Christie, Margaret A.; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Corbett, D. Reide; Kopp, Robert E.; Horton, Benjamin Peter

SEATANI: hazards from seamounts in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands (eastern India)   [2024]

Verolino, Andrea; Wee, Su Fen; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Costa, Fidel; Switzer, Adam D.

Estimating building vulnerability to volcanic ash fall for insurance and other purposes   [2017]

Jenkins, Susanna F.; Magill, C. R.; Wilson, T. M.; McMullan, K.; Kandlbauer, J.; Blong, R. J.; Grasso, P.

Dominant contribution of oxygenated organic aerosol to haze particles from real-time observation in Singapore during an Indonesian wildfire event in 2015   [2018]

Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Riva, Matthieu; Williams, Michael; Miyakawa, Takuma; Chen, Jing; Itoh, Masayuki; Surratt, Jason D.; Kuwata, Mikinori

Palaeo-sea-level and palaeo-ice-sheet databases: problems, strategies, and perspectives   [2016]

Düsterhus, André; Rovere, Alessio; Carlson, Anders E.; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Klemann, Volker; Tarasov, Lev; Barlow, Natasha L. M.; Bradwell, Tom; Clark, Jorie; Dutton, Andrea; Gehrels, W. Roland; Hibbert, Fiona D.; Hijma, Marc P.; Khan, Nicole; Kopp, Robert E.; Sivan, Dorit; Törnqvist, Torbjörn E.

Anatomy of phreatic eruptions   [2018]

Caudron, Corentin; Taisne, Benoit; Neuberg, Jurgen; Jolly, Arthur D.; Christenson, Bruce; Lecocq, Thomas; Suparjan; Syahbana, Devy; Suantika, Gede

Upwelling of Pacific Intermediate Water in the South China Sea Revealed by Coral Radiocarbon Record   [2016]

Bolton, Annette; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank; Druffel, Ellen R. M.; Griffin, Sheila; Murty, Sujata Annavarapu

Oblique thrusting and strain partitioning in the Longmen Shan fold‐and‐thrust belt, Eastern Tibetan Plateau   [2018]

Li, Zhigang; Zhang, Peizhen; Zheng, Wenjun; Jia, Dong; Hubbard, Judith; Almeida, Rafael; Sun, Chuang; Shi, Xuhua; Li, Tao

Rethinking relief, reconstruction and development : evaluating the effectiveness and sustainability of post-disaster livelihood aid   [2020]

Daly, Patrick; Mahdi, Saiful; McCaughey, Jamie; Mundzir, Ibnu; Halim, Agus; Nizamuddin; Ardiansyah; Srimulyani, Eka

Stress and mass changes at a “wet” volcano: Example during the 2011-2012 volcanic unrest at Kawah Ijen volcano (Indonesia)   [2015]

Caudron, Corentin; Lecocq, Thomas; Syahbana, Devy K.; McCausland, Wendy; Watlet, Arnaud; Camelbeeck, Thierry; Bernard, Alain; Surono

Meteorological controls on local and regional volcanic ash dispersal   [2018]

Poulidis, Alexandros P.; Phillips, Jeremy C.; Renfrew, Ian A.; Barclay, Jenni; Hogg, Andrew; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Robertson, Richard; Pyle, David M.

Can we detect centennial sea-level variations over the last three thousand years in Israeli archaeological records?   [2019]

Dean, S.; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Evelpidou, Niki; Cahill, Niamh; Spada, Giorgio; Sivan, Dorit

The geometry of the subducted slab beneath Sumatra revealed by regional and teleseismic traveltime tomography   [2020]

Liu, Shaolin; Suardi, Iman; Xu, Xiwei; Yang, Shuxin; Tong, Ping

Post earthquake aggradation processes to hide surface ruptures in thrust systems : the M8.3, 1934, Bihar-Nepal earthquake ruptures at Charnath Khola (eastern Nepal)   [2019]

Rizza, M.; Bollinger, L.; Sapkota, S. N.; Tapponnier, P.; Klinger, Y.; Karakaş, C.; Kali, E.; Etchebes, M.; Tiwari, D. R.; Siwakoti, I.; Bitri, A.; Bes de Berc, S.