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Zero acceptance number sampling plan.   [2002]

Ong, Sze Wei.; Wong, Yann Jen.; Lee, Huey Ling.

Zakat : a Singapore perspective   [1996]

Abdul Jabar Mustaffa; Amran Robani; Mirza Irwan Osman

Young Singaporeans' preference for US and Japan TV programs.   [2001]

Lee, Mei Ye.; Li, Lai Yee.; Tan, Alex Ji Loong.

Young Singaporeans' perceptions of government fertility incentive package   [2005]

Wai, Poh Yen; Lam, Hou Yeng; Cheng, Eline Yi Ling

Young entrepreneurs in the local food & beverage industry: a comparative study   [2000]

Chan, Mi Ki.; Lee, See Li.; Wee, Marion Jia Yunn.

Young entrepreneurs   [1994]

Ng, Ling Ling; So, Trillion; Tay, Valerie Kay Hwee

Young adults' retirement planning decisions in Singapore : how and why they decide   [2007]

Lim, Lilian Yu Pei; Tan, Mabel Hui Shan; Yang, Jiahao

You will never walk alone : relationship strength and customer retention.   [2005]

Koh, Shu Er.; Low, Kirby Lai Meng.; Phua, Cheryl Tshi Mei.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow of credit default swaps.   [2011]

Hong, LuLu.; Li, Xuan.; Lee, Jovin.

Yesterday's coolies, today's maids : a critical comparative study   [2006]

Goh, Ling Ju; Wan, Yin Ling; Zhou, Lirong

Xenophobia in Singapore : a study on foreign talent.   [2013]

Toh, Wan Leng.; Yeo, Kenny Hao Jie.; Choy, Jessica Lay Mun.

XBRL: a Singapore perspective.   [2001]

Kang, Christine Hwee.; Ng, Carole Soo Hiang.; Sim, Peck San.

Workplace health promotion programmes in Singapore.   [1996]

Ho, Chwee Yng.; Lee, Hui Chun.; Ng, Jing Yin.

Workplace efficiency : how do emotions play a part?   [2009]

Chng, Derek Shi Wei.; Li, Jinlin.; Lin, Hongchuan

The workmen's compensation portfolio, what is wrong with it?   [1994]

Lui, Su Kian; Tang, Nam Hee; Mohd Iskandar Bin Mohd Salleh

Workmen's compensation insurance and its related issues   [1997]

Goh Su Lin Melissa, Lee Fook Yuan, Yeo Meng Soon Justin

Working for corporate women - the Singaporean perspective   [1999]

Goh, Dionne Mui San.; Tan, Arlene Su Yin.; Tay, Sock Ching.

Workflow: success or failure.   [2003]

Tan, Tian Leng.; Tay, Chai Nam.; Wong, Mei Seen.

Work-life profiling : exploring profiles and subgroups via multidimensional scaling   [2007]

Neo, Jie Shi; Phang, Riyang; Toh, Eugene Kai Siang

Work-life harmony in Singapore : a case study on advantage consulting.   [2013]

Low, Yue Wen.; Tan, Xue Li.; Lim, Sandra Pei Xian.