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Perspectives on old age in India   [2015]

Dommaraju, Premchand

Speaker gaze increases information coupling between infant and adult brains   [2017]

Leong, Victoria; Byrne, Elizabeth; Clackson, Kaili; Georgieva, Stanimira; Lam, Sarah; Wass, Sam

NeuroKit2: a Python toolbox for neurophysiological signal processing   [2021]

Makowski, Dominique; Pham, Tam; Lau, Zen Juen; Brammer, Jan C.; Lespinasse, François; Pham, Hung; Schölzel, Christopher; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing

Overview of systematic reviews of advance care planning : summary of evidence and global lessons   [2018]

Jimenez, Geronimo; Tan, Woan Shin; Virk, Amrit K.; Low, Chan Kee; Car, Josip; Ho, Andy Hau Yan

Defining “fake news” : a typology of scholarly definitions   [2017]

Tandoc, Edson Castro, Jr.; Lim, Zheng Wei; Ling, Richard

White- and blue- collar workers' responses towards underground workspaces   [2020]

Su, Ying; Roberts, Adam Charles; Yap, Hui Shan; Car, Josip; Kwok, Kian Woon; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, George I.

Who discriminates? Evidence from a trust game experiment across three societies   [2023]

Chuah, Swee-Hoon; Gächter, Simon; Hoffmann, Robert; Tan, Jonathan H. W.

Rural-urban migration, structural transformation, and housing markets in China   [2023]

Garriga, Carlos; Hedlund, Aaron; Tang, Yang; Wang, Ping

Heart rate variability in psychology : a review of HRV indices and an analysis tutorial   [2021]

Pham, Tam; Lau, Zen Juen; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing; Makowski, Dominique

Dissecting the genetic relationship between cardiovascular risk factors and Alzheimer’s disease   [2018]

Posthuma, Danielle; Andreassen, Ole A.; Karch, Celeste M.; Desikan, Rahul S.; Broce, Iris J.; Tan, Chin Hong; Fan, Chun Chieh; Jansen, Iris; Savage, Jeanne E.; Witoelar, Aree; Wen, Natalie; Hess, Christopher P.; Dillon, William P.; Glastonbury, Christine M.; Glymour, Maria; Yokoyama, Jennifer S.; Elahi, Fanny M.; Rabinovici, Gil D.; Miller, Bruce L.; Mormino, Elizabeth C.; Sperling, Reisa A.; Bennett, David A.; McEvoy, Linda K.; Brewer, James B.; Feldman, Howard H.; Hyman, Bradley T.; Pericak-Vance, Margaret; Haines, Jonathan L.; Farrer, Lindsay A.; Mayeux, Richard; Schellenberg, Gerard D.; Yaffe, Kristine; Sugrue, Leo P.; Dale, Anders M.

Indices of effect existence and significance in the Bayesian framework   [2019]

Makowski, Dominique; Ben-Shachar, Mattan S.; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing; Lüdecke, Daniel

Economic impact of 2015 transboundary haze on Singapore   [2021]

Quah, Euston; Chia, Wai-Mun; Tan, Tsiat-Siong

Rice farming, culture and democracy   [2021]

Ang, James B.; Madsen, Jakob B.; Wang, Wen

Impact of strategy switching on wealth accumulation   [2017]

Zhang, Yu; Huang, Weihong