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Range-free wireless sensor networks localization based on hop-count quantization   [2010]

Ma, Di; Er, Meng Joo; Wang, Bang; Lim, Hock Beng

Real-time robotic manipulation of cylindrical objects in dynamic scenarios through elliptic shape primitives   [2018]

Dong, Huixu; Asadi, Ehsan; Sun, Guangbin; Prasad, Dilip Kumar; Chen, I-Ming

Numerical optimization using differential evolution   [2019]

Awad, Noor Hussien Ali

Info-tag (hardware)   [2015]

Mohammad Fadly Eddy

Gyroscope ASIC   [2015]

Kong, Xiaolu

Video surveillance robot (hardware)   [2009]

He, Zhihua.

Swarming robots (A)   [2009]

Wong, Bernard Kin Lup.