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Characterization and optimization of illumination vector for contouring surface form and feature using DSPI   [2016]

Song, Chaolong; Prasad, A. S. Guru; Chan, Kelvin H. K.; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham

Speckle referencing: digital speckle pattern interferometry (SR- DSPI) for imaging of non-diffusive surfaces   [2015]

Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke; Chan, Kelvin H. K.; Song, Chaolong

Introduction of enhanced compressive residual stress profiles in aerospace components using combined mechanical surface treatments   [2016]

Gopinath, Abhay; Lim, Andre; Nagarajan, Balasubramanian; Wong, Chow Cher; Maiti, Rajarshi; Castagne, Sylvie

Improving microstructural and mechanical characteristics of cold-sprayed Inconel 718 deposits via local induction heat treatment   [2019]

Sun, Wen; Bhowmik, Ayan; Tan, Adrian Wei-Yee; Li, Ruitao; Xue, Fei; Marinescu, Iulian; Liu, Erjia

An AWS machine learning-based indirect monitoring method for deburring in aerospace industries towards industry 4.0   [2018]

Wijaya, Tomi; Lee, Daryl; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Then, David; Manyar, Omey M.; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Pappachan, Bobby Kaniyamkudy

Modal analysis of replica boss hole during the deburring process in aerospace manufacturing industry   [2018]

Andriani, Claudy; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Wijaya, Tomi; Pappachan, Bobby Kaniyamkudy

Linux web server development   [2019]

Chanjaya, Dhea Mariesta

Modelling and in-process monitoring of abrasive belt grinding process   [2019]

Vigneashwara Pandiyan Solai Raja Pandiyan

Tribochemical Characterization and Tribocorrosive Behavior of CoCrMo Alloys: A Review   [2017]

Toh, Wei Quan; Tan, Xipeng; Bhowmik, Ayan; Liu, Erjia; Tor, Shu Beng

Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing   [2019]

Pandiyan, Vigneashwara; Murugan, Pushparaja; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Manyar, Omey Mohan; Then, David Jin Hong